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Noni and Cancer

There are more than 300 alternative cancer treatments available to the public. Very few people know which of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments are the strongest. There is a very wide range in the effectiveness of these 300+ treatments. Among them Noni is in top ten rank.
It is absolutely true that natural substances from Mother Nature are highly effective against cancer than the highly condensed, highly potent synthetic molecules made by the drug companies. But we have been taught that chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells far better than anything Mother Nature can put together. Why is there such a huge disconnect between the truth and what we hear almost every day of our life? Why is it that people are so hard to convince that some alternative cancer treatments are vastly superior to any orthodox cancer treatment that is currently in use?
Chemotherapy does not target cancer cells. In fact, chemotherapy kills far, far more healthy cells than it does cancer cells. What this means is that chemotherapy must be given in very, very low doses, spread out over long periods of time, and the therapy must include gaps between the treatments. This "pacing" of the drugs is because too many healthy cells would be killed if too much chemotherapy were given too fast. The reason conventional medicine treats cancer like a chronic disease is because orthodox treatments would kill the patient long before the treatments would kill the cancer.
Mother Nature's cancer treatments, called natural cancer treatments, or more commonly "alternative cancer treatments," generally do absolutely no harm to healthy cells. This is because the human body, which was made by Mother Nature, knows exactly what to do with Mother Nature's minerals and nutrients.
Virtually all natural treatments for cancer do not kill healthy cells - not a single one.
This is the key - because alternative cancer treatments do not harm or kill healthy cells, the items from nature that can kill cancer cells can be given in much higher doses than chemotherapy - without any gaps in treatment!!
Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery virtually destroy a person's immunity system. A well put together natural treatment will actually build the person's immunity system to make sure the cancer will not return.
But there are two key things we need to understand about alternative cancer treatments.
First, ninety-five percent of cancer patients who go with alternative cancer treatments have already been given up for dead by conventional treatment. In other words, they first went for conventional treatment, their body was destroyed by the conventional medicine, THEN they decided to go with alternative cancer treatments.
Second, very few alternative cancer treatments can cure people sent home to die by conventional medicine, very few of the cancer patients sent home to die,pick a treatment strong enough to give them a fighting chance. In other words, very few of these cancer patients pick one of the most potent alternative cancer treatments.
These two things create a severe disadvantage for alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has lost between 1 and 4 years to treat the patient and build their immunity system - because the patient was using conventional treatments.
In addition to that, after conventional treatments, the patient is in far worse physical and mental condition than they were when they were first diagnosed. This is why there are so few alternative cancer treatments that can achieve a true cure rate of 50% on these patients.
If we put all of this together we come to the following facts:
1) Almost 100% of all newly diagnosed cancer patients go with conventional medicine first.
2) About 97% of these patients die, or are sent home to die and later die, due to their cancer and/or their cancer treatment.
3) Only a very small percentage of the cancer patients sent home to die ever go with alternative cancer treatments, others they simply go home and die.
4) Of those who do go with alternative cancer treatments, only a very small percentage of them pick a treatment strong enough to give them a 50% chance of survival.
Is it any wonder that deaths from cancer continue to rise in spite of the power of some of the alternative cancer treatments?
Noni come under alternative and supplementary therapy for cancer and helps to cure cancer by several means. Yes it is true that a 4th grade cancer cannot be cured by any means. But when there is the chance of cure rate possible in preliminary stage by using the alternative way of treatment so why should not it be used for the betterment of humanity?
Other reason of not advising for alternative treatment for cancer by the oncologists is that they are not aware about the facts what it contains and how it helps to cure and prevent. Also they should be aware that in which stage and in which condition an alternative system of medicine in cancer treatment is most beneficial for both patient and doctor.
It needs a revolution.


  1. Your list gives me many creational ideas that I can perhaps use on my web tender too.

  2. This so far is the best Alternative Treatment blog! thank you very much for posting, i definitely agree that alternative treatments for prostate cancer can certainly be overcomed. atleast there is a Noni that we can rely and other 300+.

  3. Dr Fredda Branyon agrees to some of the things that you have said here. She have written some blogs about the same in her own page so I hope you can also visit. Appreciate that you have shared this. Thanks.