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Uterine Fibroid and Ayuveda

Hysterectomy is now last option in modern science too; after many
having lost their lives on surgery table. Of course this state of
affacirs was 20 years ago. Colon and uterus are seats of "Prana" the
life force which keeps us alive, forms new cells after surgery and
drives our breath. Hysterectomy is seen to disturb the balance of
hormones, causing obesity and other post-menopause symptoms later.
e.g. one woman aged 44, put up 7 kg in just 4 months, and now
suffering from total lack of sensation in pelvic area, constant
fatigue and inflamations in calf muscle, thighs etc.

Nowadays a number of women suffer from formation of fibroids.
The fibroids can be dissolved by Yoga, diet and lifestyle. This is indeed very
encouraging addition to present Ayurvedic knowledge.

According to Acharya Bhavprakash, Aloe Vera dissolves the tumors
like fibroids. Hence in problems like uterian tumors: fibroids,
ovarian cysts, the formulations of Aloe Vera become useful. In
moderate and simple fibroids/cysts (less than 10 mm size),
Kumari Aasav alone 15 ml with equal warm water after meals should be
taken for three months and then check can be performed. While MD will
detect using sonogram, the experienced Vaidyas can judge
the progress by manual checks. Ayurveda did not have any complex
testing required by modern medical science. The hardness of the organ
to the touch and other symptoms were used to diagnose most complex

The wide specturm of action of aloe vera is already discussed in many
other posts, including one by this author. The Aloe Vera also acts on
liver, spleen and enliven their function
to higher efficiency. Increased hunger, digestion are first results
to be seen. Increased efficiency of large intestines including colon
aids the excreation process, relieving the patient from constipation.
Some Vaidyas from Amritsar and Surat (in India) prepare a pickle of
Aloe Vera to give to Anorexia patients. Those who can not obtain
Kumari Aasav, Aloe vera pulp can be taken along with 1/4 tsp turmeric
powder and a pinch or two saindhav salt, early morning empty stomach.
Kanchnar Guggulu, 2 Tabs each 250 mg, slight chew and swallow after
meals is also a helpful suggestion. If you decide to take "ayurvedic" route, do it under supervision, as more tuned and focussed protocol can be formulated.

For both fibroids and painful/irregular menses, Apan Vata management
can be done by following naturopathy aid. In 'NO Medicine' approach,
this can be tried, but long time is needed to balance the Vata.

Use castor oil or Arka oil. Light massage on below navel area. Put a
thin butter paper over this area. Lie down. Cover the area with
heating pad or sea salt bag previously heated over hot plate, and let
temperature be what you can easily bear, without
discomfort. Enjoy heat for about 30 minutes daily, preferably on
empty stomach. Along with this, some patients will need cold hip bath also interspersed in this fomentation program.

One patient of the author used this method to get rid of fibroids
totally (upto 2 cms size). She used "Christian science" or faith healing simultaneously, which also may have contributed equally.

Endometrial ablation in modern science may be the modernised version of this old technique.

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  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    i i am 25 yr old married female wao ave irregular menses from te past one year consulted te doctor tey told that i have subserosal fibroid & my prolactin level is very high.I want to dissolve fibrois by using alovera pls suggest me te complete dosage tecnique pls help me.My periods r very irregular wit non-stop bleeding for 2 months.

    1. Hi Aloe Vera with cranberries is excellent for irregular cycles.Also advised is to take royal jelly also 3 times is recommended.Kindly give me ur mail id so that i can tell u where to buy mail id

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    take alovera gel
    take khadha made of tulsi, pudina, brahmi,bringraj with adding jeera and salt. daily morning.
    eat more vegetables like palak, methi, bitroot.fruits like khajur, oranger, nariyal pani to increase blood of body.
    reduce your hard work.
    try to be relax.
    don't take stress on your mind.
    The main cause of uterus fibroid is Excessive stress.

    and dont worry everything will be all right.
    my mother is also suffering from this problem
    all the best

  3. vyushti11:21 PM

    is it possible to treat uterine fibroids as big as 9cm and a 5 others under 2cms, using only ayurvedic remedies and pranayam.
    if yes what are the remedies that will help besides aloevera juice (i am already taking 2tbsp in the morning).
    i am also marginally hypothyroid and anaemic (due to excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles)
    also how long would it take to show some results

    1. Yes aloe vera gel is very helpful in treating fibroids.but you should be taking aloe vera in larger doses like minimum of 100 to 200 ml a day then it will work fast.Also suggested to take aloe vera gel instead of aloe vera juice.please mail mail id.i will help you to get aloe vera mail id:

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    i am 30 years and trying hard to conceive. i have 5 fiboids ranging from 5cm to 2mm and one polyp. please give detailed explanation on how to extract aloe vera juice and also any other useful remedy

  5. Hello
    I am 33 years old woman and i have multiple fibroid in uterus,i am taking 2 tab morning and 2 tab evening kanchanar guggul,4 tsf after meal morning and 4tsf in night kanchnar kashaya, 2 tab morning and 2 tab in night vridhiwadhika bati, 2 tab after lunch and 2 tab in night arogyawardhini bati. please advice me against this treatment.

  6. hii m 35yrs old unmarried.....m hving bigger fibroids in utrus as weel as right uturus d fibroids r of lemon size ....dy r 4 in quntity..m hving round d moth plz let me know whtr in ayurveda is dr any propr treatment? n wht it is ?

  7. Anonymous2:08 AM

    i m 33 yrs lady having utrine fibroid for the past 1 year i was takin homeopathic treatment for the 1 year but now without removing the previos fibroid test showed new fibroid suggest me any treatment besides surgery

  8. Anonymous5:53 AM

    i am 26years,unmarried girl.i have two fibriods in utrus and i am also marginally hypothyroid and anaemic (due to excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles).i am taking aloe vera juice daily in morning and can u suggest me any yoga asanas...

  9. Anonymous5:54 AM

    i am 26years,unmarried girl.i have two fibriods in utrus and i am also marginally hypothyroid and anaemic (due to excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles).i am taking aloe vera juice daily in morning and can u suggest me any yoga asanas...plz suggest me more remedies and my id is

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  13. kindly provide us the correct amount of alovera and other ayurvedic medicine & yoga for removal of uterus fibroid

  14. For both fibroids and painful/irregular menses, Apan Vata management
    can be done by following naturopathy aid. In 'NO Medicine' approach,
    this can be tried, but long time is needed to balance the Vata.

  15. Anonymous11:26 AM

    6cm fibroid in uterus,severe irregular pain in stomach frequently,leg pain,head ache,weakness,please advice non-surgery treatment

    by ss

  16. I M 35 years old having 2.3 cm utrine fibroid us there any treatment in auryeda.

  17. beautiful post nice to read

  18. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Hi I am 38 year old, diagnosed with 23 mm and 7 mm fibroids. My serrum ferritin level is 9, I have started taking Ferrous sulphate tablets twice a day. My periods stopped after the removal of non-hormonal IUD in May 2011. I do not have any pains currently, Doctor suggest me to look for 2 years, and if I have any pains then I need operation to remove fibroids. I would like to know ways I can shrink the fibroids, without need of operation.

  19. Very good information on Fibroid uterus. Ayurvedic medicines for fibroid uterus are very much useful in relieving from uterine fibroid.

  20. Ayurveda is really helpful in Uterine Fibroid. But if Home made medicines are tried then it may be better.

  21. Swetha3:34 AM

    Hello, Iam 29yrs old, married. I'm having uterine fibroids of size 2cm n multiple small fibroids(size unknown). Trying hard to conceive. Is there ayurvedic med for this? Please reply....

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  23. I am Rowena, I have alarge uterine fibriod in my uterus, the hospital optioned me for surgery, which I am sceptical and do not want, can I take some tradition medicines to dissolve the fibroid, and let me know what I need to do

    thank you

    Rowena ( Malaysia

  24. Anonymous4:03 AM

    my sister has upperlayer uterin fibroid 12cm.please send me the solution for the fibroid to myid

  25. Anonymous12:46 AM




  26. No ayurvedic medicine or any other to cure fibroids.
    You need surgery if they are too painful to deal with.

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  29. Fibroids are non cancerous tumours of our body which is not harmful but they should remove from body because they are unwanted. Homeopathy is always been special treatment for every deseases because i thought Homeopathy removes deseases from our body permanently.But in the case of myoma treatment i know the another best hospital for treatment- Jaslok.Myoma surgery at best hospital for fibroids in mumbai gives fast and best option for uterine myoma surgery.

  30. I have 10cm by 8.5cm Subsirosal fibroid, please suggest doses of alovera.

    1. OR any additional medication needs. I am 30 yr old

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