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Cure for Eczema

While 50% beauty of human body is contributed by skin, we do not
pay much attention to skin or understand its importance as long as it
is without blemishes, smooth and healthy. But moment some eruptions
come, rashes or cuts develop or itching starts, our hand reaches
there automatically. When skin becomes dry or gives rise to small
eruptions, it starts signaling us by way of itching or stinging
sensations. Itching causes removal of surface layers, leaving cracks
or blemishes behind. Itching, Redness on skin, Dry and flaky skin,
Itchy blisters, Inflammation on skin, Small bumps on forehead, neck
and cheek, Rough and thickened skin. Symptoms of eczema are more
severe on the folds. Oozing of sticky discharge also starts sometime.
Skin is our protective organ and once this cover breaks, the entry to
infectious organisms becomes easy. The cracks, blemsishes, blisters
start expanding, itching time increases, blisters also startspreading to other areas.
The Ayurvedic acharyas have termed this state as
Vicharchika "Sakandu Pidika Sthava Bahustrava Vicharchika" describes
the disease aptly. Eczema is English name. Smoke, chemicals,
detergents, solvents and even weather conditions could aggravate the
condition. Excessive stress, heat and emotional stress also
aggravates the symptoms of eczema. Skin is second kidney and liver
uses it to expel the toxins which otherwise will damage regular
kidney. Hence itching is seen maximum during 1 to 5 am local time. It
is during this time when liver, spleen and lungs detoxify their
toxins (ama) according to circadian rhythm.

Eczema exhibits two types. When the skin is dry, blackish, rough,
itching, then it is dry eczema, some experts term it as Kitibha,
while the wet eczema causes oozing of sticky discharge in addition.
While both types cause itching, the wet eczema causes more itching.
The most common type of eczema mainly occurs among infants and small
children. In more than 90% of cases, eczema is found to occur in
children below 5 years of age. It is a non contagious disease.

Like asthma, eczema is also hereditary. Both are related and are
often two views of the same disease. In both conditions Kapha is the
main dosha participating. In medical astrology, the affliction of
moon by Saturn, mercury and/or Rahu(Node) causes asthma and/or
eczema. Author believes that incompatibility of blood between parents
punishes children this way. For many patients, the curing of asthma
initiates eczema or curing of eczema initiates asthma attacks. The
chances of such presentations increase by allopathic suppressive
steroidal medicines. Please note that all steroidal sprays, while
they give rapid relief from the symptoms, their addictive component
becomes important after prolonged use. The recent post regarding
codeine took this author to a forum where the addiction of steroidal
sprays is also described by patients. Hence in ayurveda, one must
remove the unbalance of doshas, if he has to seek permanent cure.

Treatment protocol
Avoid indigestion and constipation. Constipation slows down digestion
and slowed digestion increases doshas. Such increased unbalance does
not allow eczema to cure. Try to remove vitiated doshas (ama) by
vaman or virechana. Drink two glass (500 ml) warm water everyday
early morning. Try to vomit it out by rubbing three middle fingers on
the center of the tongue. The water will come out bringing out sticky
ama with it. You may add emetic herbs to increase effectiveness, if
recommened by vaidya. Observe the color and taste of water. Tell this
to Vaidya, which helps him estimate the extent of further ama
remaining and its type. If all water does not come out, do not worry,
it will leave the body through urine and stool. A comprehensive detox
is a better strategy, as it cleans all below diphragm systems.

In skin diseases and also as Raktashodhak medicine, Mahamanjistadi
Quath or Ghanvati is normally used. While Mahamanjistadi has more
number of herbs, Laghumanjista is also useful. Haritaki, Vibhitaki,
Amalaki, Neem bark, Vacha, Guduchi, Daruharidra, Majistha, Katuki etc
are the herbs contained in Laghu Manjista quath. The neem bark,
guduchi, katuki try to sublimate Kapha dosha while Vacha, trifla,
katuki try to expel the doshas outside through stools. That is why
Trifla is termed "Bhedak" also. This combination is best for
purification of both blood and skin, hence itching slowly subsides.

New blisters, rashes and eruptions do not surface. The old ones heal
rapidly. Those who can prepare fresh decoctions, should use 100 ml
water 4 tsp mixture of quath, and boil till 20-25 ml remains. If
eczema is dry, Vata prsence is also indicated, in such case, add 1-3
tsp castor oil to the decoction just while drinking. For those who
have no access to herbs, can take Laghu Manjista Ghanvati 2 tablets
morning and 2 tablets evening with warm water.
Another classic medicine is Kamdudha Ras. It has pearl bhasma,
suvarna gairic etc. Though more costly, it offers faster relief from
itching. Take 1 Tablet with milk every morning as well as evening.

The root of eczema is in colon. It is essential that colon remains
clean. If it is efficient, it can not allow doshas to accumulate in
the body. The most suitable virechana for this disease, being kapha
dominant, is Gandharva haritaki or Erand Bhrashta Haritaki. The
haritaki is available in two varities. Big and small. The smaller one
is to be fried in castor oil and then after removing excess oil, it
can be ground to powder. Taken 1 tsp with warm water every night,
causes dosha expelling, with minimum discomfort to colon. This
variety of haritaki also comes useful for people suffering from
Irritable bowel syndrome.

Panchgavya medicines
Panchgavya medicines are prepared by distillation of cow urine along
with herbal decoctions. Gomutrasava is similar to various asavas
containing natural alcohol. Cow urine mixed with jaggery and other
herbs as needed, is stored in earthen pots and underground for a
month. This releases phytochemicals of herbs in cow urine along with
natural alcohol from jaggery. Cow urine pungency, smell all vanishes,
and it becomes difficult to recognize that medicine is made from cow
urine. This Gomutrasava, when taken early morning and also half an
hour before meals, causes hunger, good digestion and absorption of
doshas also. The excess doshas are eliminated through stools. When
stools start floating in water, you may stop or reduce the dosage.
Cow urine is simply distilled and a distillate is made. This
distillate can be applied on itching eczema legions. Being pungent,
it causes some stinging sensation, inflammation for few minutes, but
after few minutes, it subsides. More important for us is the
reduction in itching. This is similar to the stinging sensation when
various ointments are used on skin eruptions. Reducing time of
stinging will also be noted slowly.

Take food at regular meal time and not before earlier food is
digested fully. Eating little less than hunger allows adequate mixing
and processing in the stomach. One of the main features of people
suffering from asthma, eczema is their low metabolism rates, low
stomach acids, low blood sugar, low blood pressure. While dairy is
contraindicated by westerners, ayurveda allows cow milk if boiled
with ginger powder and turmeric powder, which makes it more
digestible and less kapha enhancing. One should avoid incompatible
foods (list available at: http://www.healthy. net/scr/article. asp?
Id=397) Sugar craving can be satisfied by eating jaggery and fruits
containing glycosugars.

Avoid sour foods. Sour yogurt, tomatoes, tamarind etc. Amalaki,
lemon, pomegranate do not come under sour foods, as per ayurveda.

If you can replace oil by cow ghee, better cure. You can use all
spices in curries, but use ghee for sauting.

Avoid legumes and beans which are heavier for digestion.Green gram is
most acceptable in India, as easier to digest and causing less ama
generation. Ground nut and sesame in any form should be avoided.
Avoid fish, chicken, mutton as well as eggs. Since disease is helped
by Kapha vitiation, avoid sleeping during day or within an hour after
dinner. Do not keep awake late night also. Tikta tastes: Karela
(bitter gourd), Ridgegourd, Smo-oth gourd, Snake gourd, bottle gourd,
fenugreek leafy vegetable, cauli-flower, Cabbage, Spinach, Chaulai, are
good vegetables to eat. [If you need names of these vegetables in other
languages, contact off-list]. The principle here is that most of
these vegetables are fruits coming from creepers. If blisters are
oozing the discharge, the herbal mixture should have emphasis on
Guduchi, or one can take Amrutadi Guggulu, the dosage to be decided
by Vaidya.

Use a mixture of Jatyadi Taila and Neem taila. Apply on legions and
apply a cotton bandage over them. You can also use Karanj Taila, in
case neem tail is not available. Even Panchguna Taila provides some
relief. If these oils are not available or difficult to obtain, you
can mix little camphor (Bhimsen Kapoor) in coconut oil and apply it
to relieve itching. A mixture of little camphor and sandalwood paste
made in oil can also be applied on the rashes. An equal mixture of
honey and cinnamon powder can also be applied on blisters to reduce
itching. Honey is best anti-fungal, anti-septic. But stinging
sensation is very high when cinnamon powder is used along with hoeny.

There are a number of other remedies to live with Eczema. But aim
should be permanent cure, not living with it. Change in lifestyle,
philosophy, stress through family and workplace relationship will
also help. Eczema as well as asthma are stress dependant as much as
weather dependant. Most patients suffer in spring, as flowering of
tress and spreading of pollen causes reactions to many. Monsoon
season, due to wetness, low immunity causes more suffering.

As the disease is stress dependant, the yoga and breathing techniques
help. Even if patient is not sensitive to asthma attack, the
breathing techniques increase immunity and reduce sensitivity to
external triggers in environment. Once doshas of body and mind are
balanced, eczema is cured permanently.

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