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Importance of Yoga for Athletes- Jumping

The movements in the various jumps involve one leg. The repeated use of the same side will result in asymmetry. The groin muscles are opened only on one side and hip joints are also subjected to one side strain.
Yogic Remedy
1. For the jumper Asana the open up the groin like the Upavishta Konasana and Baddha Konasana, Samakonanasa and Supta Padangushtasana are very useful to prevent imbalances.
2. Hanumanasana optimizes muscle usage in the triple and long jumper
3. Balancing asana is useful for the pole vaulter to train both sides of the body for load bearing
4. In particular, one side balances like Vaishtasana and Kasyapasna trains the side of body and Latissmus dorsi muscles

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  1. Yes, it is correct. Yoga is really useful for athletes.

    Ghar Ka Vaidya