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Noni and Diabetes

DEABETES MELLITUS and NONI   By Dr.Rangadhar Satpathy
Diabetes Mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia (increase glucose level above normal in blood) due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin caused by the degeneration or hypo activity of the B-cells of the pancreas. That causes the following metabolic disturbances.

• Depress the glycogenesis (formation of glycogen from glucose) and increases glycogenolysis (convert of glucose from glycogen). So glycogen contains from liver and muscles low down and in blood the glucose level raises.
• Glucose combustion (oxidation) is depressed in absence of insulin. So extra cellular glucose level rises
• The rate of gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from other than carbohydrates) increases. Thus glucose level in blood rises.
• Depot fat mobilized and liver loaded with fats.
• Ketone bodies are produced at a faster rate and can cause ketosis and diabetic coma.

Diabetic can classified primarily in two types
1) Type-1- insulin dependant diabetes mellitus (IDDM).

2) Type-2 – Non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)

The cause of Type-1- IDDM is various. Those are

i) Genetic factor –HLA linked genetic predisposition.

ii) Some viruses like EMC virus, Mengo virus 2T that destroys the

Pancreatic B-cells.

Pancreatic pathology: In type -1 – IDDM the islet of langerhans is infiltrated with mononuclear cells like activated macrophages, T lymphocytes, Natural killer cells and B lymphocytes. That condition is called ‘insulitis’. It causes the destruction of more or less all insulin secreting B-cells. So body produces little or no insulin.

The cause of Type-2 – Non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) are:

• Faulty life styles, over eating, obesity, lack of exercise.

• Over weight predisposes the reaction in our liver and peripheral fat stores lead to pro-inflammatory and pro-Thrombotic (blood clotting) changes with elevated C Reactive Proteins (CRP), interleukin -6(Il-6), and fibrinogen (all made in the liver) plus platelet activation. These lead to hardening of the arteries, blood clots, HBP, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

• Constant dwelling on severe stress full situation causes diabetes. Stress elevates epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, ACTH, cortisol and prolactin that acts as an antagonist to insulin.

Pancreatic pathology – In Type-2-NIIDDM deposition of amyloid on the islets tissues occur. But here very less no. of B-cells are destroyed. So in this case body produces enough insulin.

Here increased hepatic production of glucose and resistance to the action of insulin are main cause of NIDDM.

Insulin resistance may be due to

• An abnormal insulin molecule

• An excessive amount of circulating antagonist

• Target tissue defects.

1. Xeronine in Noni juice helps to clear up the resistance to the action of insulin by the following way.

2. Xeronine combines with the inactive abnormal insulin molecule and help modify its rigidity to make it active.

3. Xeronine combining with insulin helps more glucose combustion (oxidation) in peripheral tissues and also helps to enhance the cellular permeability to glucose. So that extra cellular glucose level falls.

4. The habit of overeating in human being is the cause of obesity. The obese people generally feel hungry due to low serotonin levels. Obesity also causes the insulin resistance to glucose and hence the predisposing factors of Type-2-NIDDM. Noni helps to secrete more serotonin that eliminates the desire of eating more. So it indirectly prevents obesity and helps in preventing diabetes.

5. Noni helps to enhance the body immunity power by the synergistic action of its all components in cellular level. Thus by modulating the immunity power it may help to correct the ‘insulitis’condition of pancreas in Type-1-IDDM so that it prevents from destruction of B-cells in pancreas and also activate the B-cells to produce more insulin

6. Noni helps to reduce anxiety and lessens the stress response to some extent by elevating the serotonin level in blood.

7. Improves sleep.

Since the intake of sugar – even natural sugars – may be important to track in a diabetic’s diet, it is good to note that 4 ounces of Noni juice equals one fruit exchange.

(Please Note: Type-1-IDDM should never substitute Noni juice for insulin shot. This type of diabetes may be able to reduce his or her insulin by using a natural supplement such as Noni juice under the supervision of a doctor).

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