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Magic shrub to get a revival

AUTISM is described as a dead soul entrapped in a living body.
AUTISM is a behavioural and neurological disorder. It interferes with the normal development
of the brain in the areas of reasoning, social interaction and communication skills.
Autism, in short, can be called Developmental Disability. It is a devastating disease and
has already reached epidemic proportions worldwide.
Abuse of antibiotics, heavy metal toxicity and vaccines that contain mercury, and unnatural food in
early childhood (like canned baby food, milk powders, which leads to cadmium and arsenic
poisoning) are the root cause.
Mercury is a strong nerve poison. It destroys the gut (large intestine) and affects brain, liver and kidneys
in particular.
Autism strikes within the first three years. Why it affects mainly male progeny (3/4th) has not been established.
My hypothesis is that it is a Y chromosomal disorder. The father who smokes, drinks alcohol or takes
narcotic and psychotropic substances has Y chromosome weak. When the male child is born and given about
30 vaccines before the age of 2, coupled with inadequate breast feeding and artificial food intake, that leads to
Autism in a male child. Hypothesis can either be proved right or wrong. So, till I am proved wrong, my hypothesis
Secretin is a natural hormone which is found in the body. If LI is clogged Secretin will not be produced.
So, we can safely say that AUTISM is largely digestive system disorder not producing enough natural
hormone secretin. This leads to :
-- Compromised immune system.
-- Neurotransmitter abnormalities.
-- Nutritional imbalance disorders.
-- Anxiety, sleep disorder.
-- Chronic ear problem.
-- Chronic bowel problem.
-- Candidiasis (due to yeast growth in the gut / which goes to the brain)
-- No eye contact.
-- Child repeats words because of limited vocabulary.
-- Repeatitive body movements like -- hands flapping, legs stomping or kicking, heading movement backward.
-- Clean up the Large Intestine by enema / colonic irrigation.
-- Remove systematic toxins by detoxifying the body / blood stream by fresh fruits, coconut water.
-- Lots of warm water to drink.
-- Probiotics like Curds, honey, sprouts, amla juice, aloe vera juice, carrot juice, papaya.
-- Vitamins A, B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
-- In Homeopathy we can use constitutional medicine or the specific remedies like Magnesium or Zincum.
Kali Phos 30 / 4 pills given daily at night helps in good sleep and improvement of memory.
Nux vomica is another useful remedy to remove constipation and intestinal filth.
-- Full body massage, especially given by parents, will bring in bonding and better results.
-- Music and dance therapy.
-- Yoga Asanas like Paschimtanasan, Halasan, Yoga Mudra, Surya Namaskar.
-- Large Intestine (or gut -- your good or bad feelings -- start there depending on how clean or toxic is your intestine)
-- Intestinal toxins trigger Autistic attacks, because neurotransmitters or neuropeptides are in the gut.
-- The brain has its root in the gut. The quality of blood is based on the health of the Large Intestine.
To conclude, the Brain has its root in the gut. The quality of blood is based on the LI.
So, keep your colon clean and enjoy vibrant/perfect health.

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