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Importance of Yoga for Athletes- Running

There is a tendency for long distance runner to push the body to a high level of training without recognizing the danger signals. The benefits of running are at the cost of inner organs. The heart and lungs are irritated. The abdominal organs are disturbed by constant movement, which causes the cramping of the circulatory flow. Due to age factors the endurance capacity of the athletes cannot be retained for long time.

Yogic Remedy

1. The Hamstring mucles, which are tough and hard due to hours of running, are softened by yogic stretches
2. Excess heat in the body is removed by Sheetali Pranayama. This is valuable in Marathon runners
3. The Heart and lungs are protected by back and forward bends.
4. The abdominal organs are toned by Asanas like-Supta Virasana,Purvottanasana, twisting and back bends.
5. The reproductive systems of women athletes are protected if asanas are practiced

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