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Home remedies for Cough

Cough is generally a symptom of some other problem in the body. It
is wise to allow the body to treat the cough by helping the rest of
the body get well. Healthy bodies do not cough. Whether it is a
cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia, strengthening one's immune
system can only help. It is unfortunate that our aping the west has
caused vaccine jabs in infants and immunity is compromised in the

First there is a technique to boost immunity with Aamla, Lemon etc. A simple reminder: "Take asmuch Vitamin C through fruits/drinks needed to be symptom free,
whatever the amount might be." That is usually just under the amount
that would result in loose bowels. In India, Lemon, Aamla are
available in all cities these days. For children like this, just 1
aamla juice with 1 tsp honey, only once a day is just like antibiotic
injection taking care for 24 hours.

And you people are the pillars, on your shoulders only ayurveda can
ride to next generation.

Author's mother used to mix honey in lemon juice and give as cough
syrup. Author did this for his own children -- they liked it, it
seemed to soothe the throat, and they could have it as often as they
wanted, unlike the drug store cough syrups.

At grandma's house, author remembers grandmother treating our coughs
with a green onion concoction. She would take green spring onions
and chop them up in a bowl and cover with crystal sugar (rock candy,
Khadi sakkar), then allow it to sit awhile until the juices from the
onions and the sugar made a syrup and then make us drink it. If you
like onions it is at least better than some of the cough remedies
available at that time.

During days when spring onions were not available, grandmother used
to put salt in the palm of child's hand and child would just get some
on his tongue and let it melt there and that would help with a COUGH,
and would work for several hours. Another variation of this is
keeping two pinches of Bhimsen Kapur on the tongue, which works for
nearly 4-6 hours. This is the trick with which this author wins the
toddlers love. They always want to come to this Vaidya uncle.

Another remedy which not only cures cough but also treats some of
the "modern" problems (arising from growth hormone imbalances) of
children is to make them drink Honey, lemon and onion in warm water.
despite the worst taste it works really well.

Here is one more which can be tried only during July-November time
(Chaturmas, when sweet potatoes arrive in indian markets). A slice
of raw sweet potato. Suck on it and the cough will go away or lessen
in a few minutes. Sweetpotato is termed Genasu in Kanad, Ratalu in
Marathi. Shakaria in Gujarati, Shakarkandi in Hindi and Punjabi.

Author has sent in more remedies than necessary since he wishes that
ayurveda, home remedies should grow through moms. Since modern moms
do not have much time, author left out some "Sweet barfi, Paks"
and "Murabbas" which are "ready to munch" and "very much mouth
watering" cough remedies, since they require time and patience and
cooking skills too.

Heat milk by dissolving turmeric in it, add pinch of salt and
jaggery and feed it to child to cure cold, cough and simmering sound.
You may also add 1/2 tsp ghee if jaggery is not available.

Apply castor oil on betel leaf, heat it slightly, keep it on
child's chest and with the help of warm cloth slightly foment it so
that the cough gets diluted.

Feed him a mixture of Tulsi leaves juice in honey for 2-3
times and by applying heated basil leaves juice on the chest,nose and
forehead, relief may be obtained.

If any of these home remedies work, there is no fear of chronic
asthma. You may give him a course of Laghu Vasant Malti, 1/2 Tab twice a day,
pounded mixed with honey. If your son is underdeveloped (weight, height) this
will take care

A simple cough home remedy

1. Ginger+honey
Take two inches long ginger root piece and grate it finely. Squeeze
juice by using a fine cloth. Add 2 tbsp honey and mix well. Take this
juice early morning and sunset time. For children reduce the dose to
half the quantity.

2. Decoction of ginger+tulsi+turmeric

Take 1 cup milk, add 1 cup water. add 1/2 tsp dry ginger powder, 21
leaves of tulsi, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and slow boil till 1 cup
remains. remove from fire, when look warm, add 1 tsp ghee and 2 pinches
sea salt and quickly drink it. This can be taken at breakfast time and
bedtime. For children dose should be half of what is given here. You
may add 2-3 black pepper in decoction also, if there is low fever. If you do not have ginger powder, take juice of 2 inches long ginger root


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  4. You can also ask your child to consume frozen blueberries which will help numb the nerves in the throat and provide relief from chronic coughing. toddler cough remedies