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Weight loss Diet

One Organic Sprouted Grain Bagel each day which should be cut up into halves or quarters and taken when a hunger bout strikes. Whole Wheat Flour and White Flour triggers the body's absorbtion of L-Arginine which is the amino acid necessary to stimulate HGH production in the pituitary gland. Another ingredient that throws the Pituitary into overdrive as far as HGH production is concerned is Vitamin E. You need to be on 1200IU of Vitamin E a day minimum, and it must be the non-GMO kind that is not made from Soy. If you have problems finding this in your local healthfood store, you can order it from us.
You need to start each day with a whole or half a Grapefruit (your choice), then drink that Green Dragon Breakfast of mine (that's the Total Nutrition with UDO's Oil and two raw Organic Eggs). This should also have my Body Balance+ Formula in it (a lot more data on this in my two health lecture series on CD that comes with a full set of transcripts to make study easier). This is Breakfast.
Lunch is a sandwich made with Organic Sprouted Grain Bread and all veggies (ie: Avocados, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Cukes, & Lettuce etc.). In the middle of the day for a snack, you should eat a whole Apple (your choice of variety).
For Dinner, eat 4 oz ONLY of any ORGANIC Meat, and 4 oz of either a salad OR a steamed Vegetable.
Before bed, eat another Grapefruit or half Grapefruit.
Throughout the day, take two dropperfuls three times a day of my Brain Formula to stimulate the Pituitary even more. This will actually start you looking younger when all done together.

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