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Are you a Vata predominant person

The below are be a couple of of the common qualities associated with people that possess a predominantly Vata constitution.

-Creative imagination, mental quickness
-Exceptionally imaginative
-Fast to understand and learn, and fast to forget
-Quick to turn on but quicky satisfied and with poor stamina
-thin; least heavy of the three constitution types
-Speak and even walk quickly, often taking quick steps.
-cold hands and feet, uncomfortableness in chilly climates
-Excitable,chattery, active, entertaining disposition
-unstable- quickly changing moods
-Unpredictable daily schedule
-Changing desires for food as well as digestive effectiveness
-Excessive energy in brief bursts; inclination to fatigue quickly as well as to wear themselves out.
-Exudes joy and passion whenever in harmony
-React to pressure with fearfulness, worry, and stress and anxiety, particularly whenever out of sense of balance
-Propensity to be impulsive
-Frequently have rushing,disjointed thoughts
-Dry skin and dried out hair and don't perspire. Dry Colon too for that matter, which leads to constant constipation.
-Common health challenges include things like head aches, high blood pressure, dry coughs, sore throats, ear ache, nervousness, arrythmia in the heart, muscle spasms, lower spinal pain, constipation,bowel irregularity, flatulence, looseness of the bowels, nervous stomach, monthly period cramps, premature ejaculation and impotence, frigidity, arthritis. The majority of nerve related issues tend to be associated with Vata imbalance.

Physical Features

Individuals with vata constitution are frequently physically not developed. Their chests tend to be flat and their blood vessels together with muscle tendons are usually noticeable. The color of the skin is darkish, the body is normally cool, rough and hard, dry looking and cracked.

Vata persons typically seem to be either too tall or too short, with lean bone structure that exposes prominent visible joints and bones due to low muscle development. The hair is normally curly as well as scanty, any eyelashes are little and the eyes lusterless. Typically the eyes could possibly be sunken, little, dry looking, as well as lively. Often the fingernails are generally rough and fragile. Usually the structure of the nose is bent.

Body Functions:, hunger as well as digestion tend to be varied. Vata individuals enjoy sweet, sour and salty flavors and also enjoy warm beverages. The output of urine is sparse and the fecal material is usually dry, hard and small in quantity(think rabbit). Lower perspiration than other constitutional types. Their slumber is disturbed & resless and they will tend to sleep less than other types.

Psychologically, Learn fast forget fast. Understanding comes quickly. Low willpower, have a tendency towards psychological lack of stability and have little tolerance, self-confidence or courage. Their thought power is weak and these individuals tend to be nervous,anxious, fearful and afflicted by too much worry.

Vata people earn money quickly and spend it quickly. ergo, they tend to remain poor.


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