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One of themost common disorders of the alimentary tract is that of long
standing dysfunction associated with abdominal pain.

Bowel habit is disturbed by diarrohea or constipation occurring alone or

Aetiolgy of the irritable bowel syndrome is uncertain, psychological
disturbances, especially anxiety or frequent tension, individual who worries
excessively about family or financial affairs some due to infective diarrohea,in
others certain foods may precipitate symptoms.

Disturbance of motility in colon, small intestine, stomach, lower oesophagus and
bladder, also causes bowel disturbance.

This is more frequent in women between 20 to 40 years of age the commonest
symptom is pain in the abdomen pain often occurs in attacks usually relieved by
defaecation, sometimes provoked by food and maybe severe patient notice pellet
like or ribbon like stools with or without mucus diarrohea maybe painless and
characteristically occurs in the mornings and almost neverat nights.

An urge to defaecate after meals maybe due to exaggerated gastrocolicreflex
other symptoms like abdominal distension, excessive flatus, sometimes dyspepsia,
dysuria and heartburn.

According to ayurvedda, disturbance in the movement of vyana and apana vayu is
responsible for these disorders it can be treated with internal medicines like
1.ashta churnam 2. jeerakaaristam 3. kutajaaristam 4. musthaaristam
5.kapaadamaatra 6. dadimaashtakachurnam 7. udarasudha etc.,

Panchakarma therapy [internal purification] commences from peyaadhikramam,
pichhavasthi, abhyangam, yoga vasthi, sirodhaara and kashayadhaara.

Diet is the important aspect to be taken care of it should be like
the one we start for an infant, start with vegetables pulses, pepper, ginger,
garlic and tomatoes. For drinking purpose, curry leaves boiledwith butter milk
and salt is taken


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