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How i got rid of fissure-in-ano without pharma medicine !

This is an experience of a friend who forwarded it to me my mail.Read this self experience

I want to share my experience about anal fissure i had. I had been
suffering of irritating anal fissure since last one year with bleeding
& horrible pain while passing stool. Suggested surgery by all surgeons

Then i was suugested by one old man to apply gau-mutra ( cow's urine )
to affected area.I was told to hold gau-mutra in palms and keep palms
touching to affected area sitting like in indian style toilet so that
gau-mutra touches the affected area and heals the cuts of fissure.

But due to flat palms i was not able to keep gau-mutra in my palms
more than few moments ,all the gau-mutra drained away.

So i soaked cotton-wool in gau-mutra and kept it on the affected place
and asked my wife to pour more gau-mutra on cotton wool kept for 10-
15 minutes.

To my pleasant surprise 90% of the problem cured in a week and i
continued it for 3 months.

Now i have been cured almost 95%.Some times itching problem persists
to some minor extent for few mintues and goes away. Only one
occurance of bleeding have been occured but it was only due tomy bad
habbits of eating and/or perhaps of sentinal pile developed 1-2 year

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