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Myths and reality about Ayurveda

Large number of people has apprehension on Ayurveda medicines and treatment. These are not unfounded as they would have undergone various problems with the quacks and highly commercialized practitioners.
Ayurveda is a gift of God to mankind and this knowledge, derived by our ancient
Rishia through their spiritual pursuit, used to be passed on to generation by
Guru รข€“ disciple order, and as a service to humanity. Some how this system,
which was widely practiced from time immemorial, got sidelined with the
incursion of western culture.

Ayurveda is a system without side effect, a system which cures from root cause and a system which has remedies for almost all ailments. a spiritual and charitable
institution has taken up the task of reviving this ancient knowledge. In the
process, has set up medicine manufacturing plants, herbal gardens,
full fledged hospital, medical colleges, R&D centre and a chain of Ayurveda
Panchakarama centers throughout the country. has tied up with Government
of Andhra Pradesh to set up Ayurveda
centers throughout AP and to preach, practice and propagate Ayurveda in the
purest and traditional form.

Does an Ayurvedadic medicine have side effects?
Genuine Ayurveda medicines do not
have any side effect as the base of Aurveda medicines are natural herbs.

Taste bitter and quantity large?
Only few items of medicines are of
bitter nature. For eg: a medicine for a diabetes
patient will not have sweet taste. Arishtams, Lehya and certain choornas have sweet taste.

As for quantity, compared to allopathic
drugs, quantity could be bit large

How about cost, time duration and
recurrence in Ayurveda treatments?
It is must cheaper as
compared to some other methods. Most of the diseases can be cured at much
lesser cost than even the diagnostic bills. One should not deny the fact that
scientific and technological inventions have greatly helped in diagnosing and
treating various ailments under modern system. Yet there are various categories
of ailments where other systems fail and Ayurveda succeeds.

Many diseases can be cured much
faster than any other system.

Food restrictions?
The cause of many diseases is unsuitable
food habits. Untimely food, various combinations of spices which create
negative effects and excess comfort to body contribute to health hazards. Unhygienic
surroundings, adulteration, pollution etc. add
to the misery. Ayurveda clearly defines these.

Authenticity and credibility of
the institution should be verified before choosing a centre for treatment. In
Ayurveda the combination of three are equally importance, the quality of
medicines is equally important.

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