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There are many problems with vaccines. (An US Activist writes....)

Mercury, the preservative, is one of the dangers, but IS NOT the only
danger with vaccines.
1. Mercury has NOT totally been removed from vaccines
A. Those that say mercury-free, private testing has shown there is still
B. Many still have a trace of mercury
C. And many have full amounts of mercury - many flu vax (adult & children)
DT, tD, etc.

2. Mercury is NOT the only problem with vaccine

3. Other problems with vaccines

A. Contamination with mycoplasma and bacteria
B. Contamination with monkey viruses
C. Contamination with RNA, DNA
D. Aluminum and other adjuvants
E. The new preservative replacing mercury in some vaccines - 2PE, which is again a highly potent neurotoxin.
F. Other additives in vaccines - vary according to the vaccine - MSG,
formaldyhyde, antibiotics, phenol, sorbitol, gelatin and more
G. The antigen itself and how it effects the immune system
H. The whole theory is in error - stimulation of antibodies does not give
immunity - antibodies do not mean immunity - the are signs of exposure, but
one small aspect of the immune system
I. No long term research
J. No comparison in research with placebo group - only another vaccinated group
K. Ignoring post marketing data of reactions, injury and death
L. No individualization - one size fits all
M. No screening for immune problems and allergies
N. Children and adults have reacted with injury and death after MMR which
never had mercury in it.

My additions:

O. Suppressing common childhood illnesses can have serious effects.
P. Mental & emotional aspects of vaccine after effects not studied. As per a renowned physician, criminality, perverse behaviour, addiction, suicidal tendencies and a host of other mental & emotional disturbances are caused by vaccines.
Q. Vaccines increase stress by delivering potent poisons into the brain leading to lifestyle disorders.
R. The current crop of epidemics of chronic diseases can be attributed to vaccines.
S. Children are subjected to a lot of stress as it is, why increase their problems with vaccines? Watched "Tare Zameen Par"?
T. There is no science that says we can vaccinate infants.
U. Vaccines are now under the control of the Pentagon raising fears of their being used as biological warfare agents.
V. Population control is high on the agenda of international bodies. The heavy metals and neurotoxins in the vaccines adversely affect the endocrine system and can interfere with reproductive health.
W. Vaccines with a birth hormone which can cause abortions has already been covertly tested in many countries including India.
X. Vaccine manufacturers give upto 60% commission to doctors.
Y. Diseases "eradicated" by vaccines often recur thus putting a big question mark on the efficacy of vaccines.
Z. Jaundice, infantile diabetes, seizures, cancers and sudden death syndrome in infants have been traced to vaccines.
ZA. Vaccines can contain genetically modified viruses whose after effects are unknown.
ZB. Genetically modified crops as vaccines is scaring even the genetic engineers themselves.
ZC. Unvaccinated populations like the AMISH in the UK do not suffer from Autism or other complicated chronic disorders.
ZD. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding vaccines. Doctors probing vaccine after effects have been punished. Research money is being denied to scientists who wish to conduct vaccine safety studies.

What more arguements to you need to avoid vaccines?

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