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S u g a r

S u g a r --The GreatUniversal Poison!
Do you think I’m kidding???
I’m not! I am being 100% sincere!!!
Refined sugar (white or brown) is the number one DRUG pushed by food industries throughout every nation.
It is the world’s leading addiction!!!
Beyond any doubt whatsoever products that have refined white or brown sugar in them create disastrous conditions when eaten. Sugar is the primary “PHYSICAL CAUSE” of: Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Fatigue, Obesity, Impotence, Sexual dysfunction, Colds, Flus, Fibromyalgia, Immune System disorders, Liver and Kidney problems, and a thousand other negative physical conditions. When you add simple carbohydrates such as highly processed breads and pasta to the equation, you have the complete picture of this dangerous, life threatening situation.
The apparency is that these so called foods (they are poisons, not foods) give you energy, and yet this “boost” is very short lived and very destructive of the body. Sugar, and all these other simple carbohydrates do not build a body up whatsoever under any circumstances. They just don’t.
All they do is burn it up!
There is absolutely NO nutritional value to sugar! It doesn’t contribute the slightest amount of benefit at all. Sugar bypasses the body’s own production of sugar (the body’s natural ability to convert complex carbohydrates into glucose), and all but destroys the body’s ability to do so. Just like the spoiled little rich kid who never has to DO anything for himself and therefore never learns to CONTRIBUTE anything to life, society, and livingness around him, sugar ruins the natural bodily function of creating its own energy.
There are some excellent books out there on this subject, but the one I recommend above all others is: Sugar Blues, written by William Dufty. This book covers it all. The research is impeccable, and the conclusions are undeniable. It is such a vital work that it is the one book that is mandatory reading for all of my students.
So, let’s kick this addiction and get our families back on a real diet. OK?
Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,

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