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W a t e r

Water, water everywhere!
What’s the best to drink?

Over the years, I’ve promoted to all my students and clients that they should be drinking Distilled Water. Once in a while, one of them comes back with data from other sources insisting that distilled water is bad for you because it leaches minerals out of the body. Well, the amount of false data and bad information out there is staggering, so it’s about time I made a formal statement on the matter to clear up any misconceptions floating around.

The absolute best water you can drink is Distilled Water. It is true that distilled water will leach some minerals from your body, but the majority of these minerals are inorganic minerals that you don’t want there in the first place, such as Calcium Carbonate which builds up to form bone spurs. Any “good” minerals that might possibly be leached are more than replaced with a few grains of all natural sea salt or a small handful of raw nuts and seeds. Distilled water is empty. It has nothing in it. It is pure water. People should drink a minimum of 8 ounces per 50 pounds of body weight of pure water or other fluids daily. And YES! Drinking tea and other fluids count towards your daily water intake minimums. People who are doing a cleansing program should drink up to three times the above amount. You can get an affordable Water Distillery from Sears for a little under $200. I had one these that worked wonderfully well for many years.

Is Distilled Water better to use when you are making a tea or another drink???

Yes! Distilled water, because it IS empty, and not full of minerals or other junk, has the ability to pull all the goodness out of any herbs you put in the water. You get all of these nutrients by drinking the tea.

Reverse Osmosis is the next best but remember RO units have filters that need replacing ever so often, and they do not remove everything from the water. These units can be installed on your counter top or under your sink and work very well.

Spring Water Has it been polluted or contaminated? Your guess is as good as mine. I choose to leave it right there on the shelf.

Bottled Mineral Water has inorganic minerals that are not easily used or digested by the body. A good healthy diet provides plenty of organic, usable minerals every day.

City Tap Water Tap is crap! Most cities add poisonous Fluoride and other toxic chemicals to their city water supply. Do not ever drink city water under any conditions; never give it to pets!

There are some companies that promote the drinking of Alkaline Water and have expensive units for sale that create it. This water is good for emergency use to counter-act an Acidosis problem in the body, but they are far too costly for every day needs. There are far better, and more affordable ways to alkalize the body.

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  1. things like Brita and Pur what does those do?