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Acne, Black Heads, Skin Eruptions, and painful Boils can not only make you feel introverted and then mar your social life, but these skin conditions are usually an indicator of more critical underlying situations that if ignored could be seriously damaging over a period of time. They can be handled.

The three major causes of the above conditions are:
1. Poor functioning Kidneys. 2. A toxic bowel. 3. An Acidosis Condition. Most of the time it is a combination of all three.

Why is this?
Wellllll, your body will use your skin as a back-up elimination organ if the Kidneys and the bowels are not operating at 100%. Where an Acidosis condition exists, your skin can develop these problems simply because of the irritation caused by the excess acid exiting through the pores.

Completing a full Kidney Cleanse or Bowel Cleanse can be miraculous in getting rid of “bad skin”. By simply adding the Body Balance+ Remedy to your daily diet, an Acidosis problem can be completely halted and reversed. These are natural solutions that are extremely effective.

An aggressive approach would be to also add to the above an Exercise Program, and some hydrotherapy in the form of hot and cold showers. I’ve said this before, but if I was only permitted to use one therapy, it would be “Hot & Cold”. Nothing moves blood into and out of an area of the body like Hot & Cold. By doing Hydrotherapy and by increasing the blood flow to the area, you are moving toxins out and nutrition and vital nutrients in.

The best exercise one can do is Running! Due to various health conditions, this might be impossible, so the next best are Rebounding on a Mini-Trampoline and lastly, Walking. Exercise is a great method to help move blood, get more oxygen into the system, and get the acid out. These are simple solutions everyone can do.

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