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Green Revolution Makes You Healthy

Why Green Revolution? The word, Green Revolution became popular
especially in 1943 when India was hit by food crisis. Nearly five
million people died of hunger and disease. The entire world realized
to this awareness and led to the "Green Revolution".

Today, the number of diseases and unhealthy people are increasing in
spite of Green Revolution and modern medical science is applied. Why
is Green Revolution not working? Not really. Let us start doing it at
home. It is not too late to start from today.

Since my childhood, I have never been far away from the greens. I
grew up with my uncle who was a farmer and a real rose garden lover.
In his rose garden, I learned many plant cultivation techniques. And
yes, he was healthy, tall and handsome. He was always telling me that
rose garden heals all wounds we suffer physically and spiritually.

Which is better to live, in concrete house or wooden house; in a
house surrounded by concrete wall, or flowers and trees? Of course,
you will prefer a wooden house surrounded by flowers and trees. Now,
you can guess the reason why sick people are increasing every day.
Without greens, your mind or brain will be destroyed. If your brain
does not work normally, then your resistance against bacteria,
viruses, and pollutants will get weak. That's where we get sick.

We tried to study the environment or surrounding of over one hundred
families, and as we expected, the number of sick people are very much
more to those families who live without green surroundings. This
comparison makes clear that planting green is one of factors to
eradicate world sufferings.

If you have no backyard garden, then, start planting in your room
with container garden or empty plastic containers.

How about planting avocado in your room? Plants are "oxygen-producing
machine" and they will enhance not only the effect of carbon dioxide
absorption but will also maintain the oxygen in the atmosphere by
photosynthesis. The green plants will also correct the unconscious
mind of human brain to right path. (Note: there are plants that do
not work as oxygen machine according to some information)

It is a great help to improve the air quality of indoor atmosphere
with a simple care for plants like watering and adding some


Just by means of seeing the above photos, you feel good, don't you?
In fact, I have a lot of plants in my house rooms and backyard
garden. Probably, they help me to be healthy, too. For sure, it is
not only nutritious foods and exercise that makes you healthy but
also the environment you live.

You can plant tomato, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and many
other vegetables. I myself planted Bilimbi, Melokhia, cactus and many
others including edible flowers, which are very healthy vegetables
for the daily diet we consume.

To conclude, Green Revolution makes you healthy. In addition, have
you heard that cows produce more milk, and hens lay more eggs when
classical music is played? Flowers and even potatoes and tomatoes
like to hear classical music, too. More potatoes and tomatoes will
grow when there's music around the farm. Exposing plants to pleasant
melodies could help them grow several times faster, but plants
subjected to hard rock music could wither and die.

Plants in your room as well as in the forest will also talk to you to
get healthy. Do you believe that? It is very true to many, not to
critics and antagonists. Why don't you talk to flowers in your room?
You can achieve more flowers. That's very true. Science cannot
explain it. There are things that are beyond science. Is it something
like spiritual communication in our unconscious mind? Yes, yes, yes.

To enhance the awareness of the global warming problem, let's start
planting in your room today, and talk to flowers. They will decorate
with more beautiful flowers, and you will get healthy. In any case,
you won't lose anything and you can decorate your room.

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  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I have most of your comments and I have passed it on to my family anf friends, I have to say with great repest you have put a lot of the simple methods that would help both male and female genders with their day to day issues.