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The prostate gland is a part of the male genital apparatus, located
near and surrounding the outlet of urinary bladder. Its main function is
to secrete a liquid which forms a part of seminal fluid. A condition in
which this gland slowly gets enlarged over a period of years, is known
as the benign enlargement of the prostate. In this condition, usually
the entire gland is enlarged. If there is infection or cancer, then even
a portion of the gland may get enlarged.
Since it is part of the genital apparatus, this gland normally gets
enlarged in almost al males in the age between 40 to 45; but most men go
about with this slightly enlarged prostate, without experiencing
difficulty. It is a manifestation of normal process of ageing.
When the gland is abnormally enlarged, it interferes with normal
urination. The enlarged gland compresses the outlet of the bladder and this
may result in a sudden inability to urinate .the common symptoms of the
enlargement of prostate are increase in frequency of urination during
daytime and the patient has to pass urine many times at night. He
develops a sense of hesitation in starting the flow of urine and the stream
of urine gets diminished in size and force. There is a burning sensation
during urination. At times there is complete suppression of urination
with blood coming out with the urine.

Treatment: shilajit is considered to be the best medicine for the
treatment of benign enlargement of prostate gland.
It is use in a dose of ½ teaspoonful at bed time with milk. It
generates heat inside the body. Therefore, it is well tolerated during winter
season and in cold countries where it can be administered even two or
three times a day. But, in hot countries, and in summer season it has to
be used only in a small dose. However, taking this medicine with milk
reduces its effect on the body considerably and it increase its
rejuvenating effect

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