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Memory consist of remembering what has previously been learned for
example, when some one remembers a person’s name, for example ,he
demonstrates both that he learned the name at some previous time and he had
retained it during the intervening time when he might never have once
thought of it. Retention is inactive, remembering is active and both are
included under the general head of memory.
Ayurveda considers both body and mind to be closely inter linked.
According to Ayurveda, no phenomenon is exclusively physical or mental.
The body or the mind might predominate in one case and might work as
secondary factor in another case. Thus, for good memory as also for the
treatment of loss of memory, both psychic and physical factors are held
to be effective.
Treatment: when the power of learning and remembering is impaired, to
correct it, a drug called Brahmi is popularly used; the juice of this
plant is used as medicine. About 30ml. of the juice is given to the
patient twice daily on an empty stomach the fat soluble fraction of this
drug is useful as a promoter of memory

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