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Get Ayurveda Treatments from a good clinic

Friends there are a lot of people who wants to take Ayurveda treatments.But there are lot more fake hospitals than the true ones.So its really difficult to find the good reliable ones.
Now for your help the Ayurworld group will select best Ayurveda Treatment Centers for you.Just mail in your needs and we will pick the best for you..|Its all free of cost....
All this we are doing just to make sure that you wont get into wrong hands.
So mail us at  to find a good Ayurveda treatment center for you......


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    how do we know that you are not promoting your people?what is the criteria for selecting the best doctors?

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  3. hello there,

    You have a nice blog. Can you please tell how to determine if a doctor is fake or not?

    In today's world when everyone is trying to make money selling medicines how do we know which doctor is good and which is nt?

    As i have read in a doctor must not expect money from patient. Is that true? If yes, then upto what extent?

    Also had couple of other questions to ask:

    What are the best yogic home remedies for inflammation and common cold.

    What's the stand of Ayurveda on common cold.


  4. hi..Its a very good doubt.First of all we are not promoting any centres.Basically we are a group of ayurvedic physicians from different parts of india, working together for spreading knowledge about ayurveda.
    In india ayurveda is being exploited very much.Our aim is to protect our readers from getting into wrong hands.There are lots of fake institutions here and we are helping you to distinguish between the good and the bad.
    We are just guiding you but the final decision is yours