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Bunion Deformity Can Make You Sick

Hallux valgus (deformity of the big toe) can make you sick.
From young to old, hallux valgus is now a worldwide problem especially for
civilized citizens.

To find out why, just take a look at these pictures:

Millions of young women are suffering from hallux valgus in civilized modern
world. Don't you think it is caused by the misleading fashion world? Avoid
high-heel fashion shoes. They do not look beautiful at all!

Women who suffer from deformed feet (hallux valgus) are also affected from
various illnesses with poor brain functions, and receiving lower grades in

You may know that foot-binding was a tradition practiced in China, especially
during 1068–1085. However, the same practice remained until 1930s among some
well-to-do families. Our collected data show that their mental functions as well
as their health were subnormal and many died young.

In Europe, though not as much as China, people were influenced to believe that
big feet are for laborers among lower classes, and small feet or ballerina style
of feet belong to high societies, especially in the 17th century. Many young
girls and women among high societies suffered from deformed feet during the 17th
to 18th century according to some historical records.

We recommend you to use beach sandals in the house, in the office, when you
commute, and when you work, as often as possible.

In fact, I use sandals with straps. This is one way to keep myself healthy.

There are several ways to correct the deformity of toes, and if you are young
and your feet shows no deformity yet, then try to use sandals more often. But,
when they are just starting to deform, we recommend immediate use of sandals
before it is too late.

If your toes are completely deformed, consult your physician for the best
remedy. Remember, hallux valgus may cause you great damage to your health and


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