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Quick and easy remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are the most common problem that affects all age groups.Mostly the youth are affected.Lets have a look at the main causes and problems of this disease.Mouth or the so called oral cavity is said to be the mirror of the digestive system mainly the stomach and the intestine.
The mouth ulcers are called as Stomatitis.Its a reddish small ulcer which occurs in the inner area of the mouth.They are of different varities like tromatic ulcer,Chronic ulcers,Acute,Malignant,Benign.....
1.Troma - This means any sort of injury .this is most commanest cause .Mainly while brushing or eating and sharp and hard objects ,or mainly while consuming any meat with intact bones , somethimes it might occur by your own teeth itself..

2.Constipation - This is the main cause.Mostly the person suffering from constipation problem will have oral ulcers too.So the root cause here is to get rid of constipation which it self will act as a cure.

3.Indigestion- This is also the most comman reason .Any problem with digestion shows of in form of stomatitis.

4.Many ulcers mainly related too intestines or stomach in such a condition this can also be seen.But here that will remain for a long time.
5.In innumo compramise condition like AIDS and others.
6.Vitamin difficiancy like difficiancy of vitamin B- complex or vitamin-C.
7.Calcium difficiancy.
8.Indulgence in excessive of spicy food.
9.Reduced intake of water.

1.Water is a very good remidy for this problem.As it is a liquid when taken i good amount removes or washe s away the toxins,Relieves one from constipation problem.Not only this there are certain vitamins which are water soluble.Body requires adequate amount of water.Hence its really good way to prevent the onset of mouth ulcers.

2.Keep your body cool if you are of pitta prakrithi of tend to increase up the heat in your body eary.
3.Take substances which cool your body like tender coconut water.
4.Prepare a drink/kashaya by adding coarsely powdered coriander seeds and cumin about 1 tsp each to milk and add 1 tsp of powdered cane sugar or jaggery and boil and reduced to half .Consume this twice a day.This will help you in constipation and gastritis problem too.

5.If this problem of ulcer is due to constipation make a habbit of drinking large amount of water in a day and consume more of fibrous vegetable and fruits in your diet like leafy vegetables,oranges ,sweetlimes etc.

6.Application of honey with the help of tip of your finger to the spot where there is a ulcer daily about 3-4 times helps to get immediate relief from the pain and also cures the ulcers early.This will lead to a bit for burning sensation but then subsides after 1 mins of application.
7.Ghee application is also beneficial like honey.
8.Consume more of milk mainly in the night before bedtime.

9.Take B-Complex tablets for atleast 3 days,twice daily with milk

10.Chewing tender leaaves of mango or guava and then swallow the liquid and keep the leaf at the site for about ten minutes.this also will show wonderful results.

11.Tender leaves of Jaaji mallige is the best remidy amounst all.It gives quick results.It makes the area numb.Used the way as tender leaves of guava and mango.This helps in bad breath problem also,cleanses the touch and improves taste perceptions.Increases appitite.

12.Oil pulling is an ancients method used to prevent anu oral diseases like related to gums teeth and even for ulcers.Helps to restore the helath of oral cavity.
13.Simply chewing about haqlf trp of cumin and then drink a cup of water this also shows wonderful results.this also helps when you feel blotting sensation in your stomach.

Ayurvedic remedies:-
1.Gandusha dharana with thriphala kwatha, i.e- gargling or holding the water or thriphala kwatha in the mouth of 10 mins twice daily.
2.Application of triphala churna mixed with honey over the small ulcers also gives good results.
3.Intake of a tablet by name-'' Khadiradhi Vati'' is really a good remidy.I always make it a point to have a strip of this tablet in my purse.This also helps in dry cough and bad breath.
4.Oil pulling with neem oil.

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