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Alternative Medicines can cure Swine Flu

KANPUR: At a time when swine flu is taking lives across the globe with India
being no exception to it, very few know that its sure shot treatment is hidden
in the country itself. The oldest mode of medicine -- Ayurveda has a cure for
the much talked about swine flu. While there is panic among people when it comes
to the tests and medication of the H1N1 virus, the Ayurveda and Homeopathy
experts claim to know methods of prevention and cure of the disease.

In contrast to Allopathy medication being preferred by the apprehensive
patients, there are few takers of the ayurveda and the homeopathy medicines even
if it claims to provide hundred per cent treatment. Dr Bhagwan Singh, principal
and superintendent of State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow, says, "The disease
(swine flu) and its treatment is already mentioned in our old books of medicines
by sages. On the basis of the symptoms of swine flu, it has been given the name
`vatashlesmic' fever in the ayurvedic medicine books."

He further added, "Whenever there is a change in the environment due to spurt in
growth of any kind of virus, human beings are the first one to be affected by
it. For treating a patient infected with H1N1 virus, ayurvedic medicines like
Sanjawini Vati and Tribhuvan Kriti Ras can be given. These medicines are
prepared by mixing 12-14 ayurvedic ingredients selected on the basis of the
symptoms of the viral disease."

Ayurveda claims to have preventive medicine for H1N1 infection also. Professor,
P S Srivastava, department of Kaya Chikitsa, State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow
opines, "On the basis of symptoms like cough, cold, sore throat and fever, one
cannot be considered as a patient of swine flu. So to be on the safer side, one
could take a medicine named as Gurahi for the sake of prevention. Apart from
this, one can also have tea or hot water adding black tulsi leaves to it and
following other hygienic practices like using mask etc."

However, it is not only Ayurveda that has a cure for the flu. Homeopathy also
claims to have medication for H1N1 treatment. No matter that homeopathic
treatment involves a slow process of curing any disease, its practitioners still
consider it to be effective in treating swine flu. Dr B N Singh, director of
Homeopathy, UP says, "Swine flu is an influenza like illness, where primary
symptoms are very much similar to those of influenza. Thus one can take
Influnzenium 200 as a preventive medicine. Three doses each after 10 minutes
within 24 hours can develop an immunity against H1N1 virus."

"Moreover a combination of 6-7 homeopathic medicines should be given according
to the symptoms of the patients. These include Aconite Nap 30, Belladona 30,
Bryonia Alb, Mercuris Vibre, Gelsinium 30 and Eupaporium Purf. These medicines
should be taken after consulting a homeopathic doctor as they are advised only
after examining the patients and his/her symptoms," he added.

He also informed, "Along with the homeopathic medicines one can also take
supplements of biochemic medicines like Ferrom Phos 3x and Kali Mure 3x, 2-4
tablets three times a day to prevent getting infected from H1N1 virus. re-swine-flu/articleshow/4878516.cms


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