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Face Pack- for better complexion

In ancient Ayurvedic Text different types of herbs mentioned for better complexion of face.
Sage Sharangadhara,one among top scholars of ancient Ayurveda mentioned following Lepana method for better complexion of face.He called it Varnya Lepa.

Varnya Lepa is a formulation used for the external application over the face/part of the body.Simply fine powders of diffrent herbal drugs mixed with specified liquids like water,raw milk,curd,rose water and applied when wet.After prescribed time lepa washed with water.

Some important herbs for Varnya Lepa:
1.Lodhra (Symplocos Rancemosa)
2.Rakta Chandana(Pterocarpus Santalilus)
3.Manjishta(Rubia Cordifolia)
4.Kushta(Saussaria Lappa)
5.Dhanyaka(Cuminum Cyminum)
6.Vacha(Acorus Calamus)
7.Sarshapa(Brassica Compestris)
8.Daruharidra(Berberis Aristata)
9.Ushira(Vetiveria Zizaniodis)
10.Amalakee(Emblica Officinalis)
11.Arjuna(Terminalia Arjuna)
12.Sariva(Hemedesmus Indicus).

Direction for use:
Make a paste of above said powders in water/raw milk/curd/rose water.Apply the paste on the face when wet,after 20-40 minutes wash with water.


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