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We often hear sudden death of heart trouble, not kidney trouble. But
you must realize that "there are huge numbers of heart failure caused
by kidney troubles". We have monitored quite a number of patients who
were rushed to emergency hospital rooms due to heart failure.
However, when doctors examined these patients, their problems were
actually caused by kidney troubles.

Previously, we have mentioned that kidney failure penetrate deeply
without any noticeable symptoms. When we feel that something is wrong
with our physical body, the kidney is usually the stage that needs

Our latest study shows that many sudden death cases are not caused by
apoplexy (cerebral stroke) or heart diseases, but kidney troubles.
What is happening with kidney diseases that result to sudden death?
What makes sudden heart failure from kidney trouble?

World medical circles were surprised to know that many cases of
cerebral stroke or apoplexy, and heart failures are caused by kidney

Your kidney performs by filtering the toxic substances in the blood
and carrying them out to the bladder. When your kidneys no longer
have enough kidney function to maintain this normally, then "renal
failure (renal insufficiency)" occurs. Renal insufficiency is a very
dangerous condition. We then understood that the huge number of
patients who got stroke or heart attack was because of kidney failure.

And you wonder why kidney diseases cause heart failure, and also
cause hardening of the arteries that result to arteriosclerosis?

Here's the answer to these heart failures.

There's a small hole opening in the inner wall of the capillaries of
the kidney where wastes are filtered. However, when there's an
excessive amount of sugar and fat in the blood, the problem falls on
this hole and gets clogged. This results to poor filtering process
and will eventually lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure means
dirty blood. Dirty and non-filtered blood means myocardial infarction
or heart attack. In other words, when the kidney function decreases,
the risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack increases.

There's another factor where a reduced blood flow through the renal
artery causes the kidney to release increased amounts of "renin", a
powerful blood pressure regulator. High renin levels will result in
hypertension. The filtering process of the kidney decreases
especially during high blood pressure, and vicious circle of problems
may occur. There are several research studies about this and these
are just some of the theories that create sudden death of heart

***"In kidney disease, method differs in prevention and remedy."***

"To prevent" contracting kidney diseases, salt intake should be less
and protein intake should be enough. Meat, milk and eggs contain a
lot of protein. Also, take enough potassium-rich foods.

However, if you are suffering from kidney disease, "as a remedy", you
must reduce taking all the above.

If the function of kidney decreases, protein and potassium-rich foods
should be reduced so you won't give any heavy workload to your
kidney. If the kidney is no longer capable in removing the
unnecessary potassium amount, then it will remain in the body and
will cause heart disease.

Once the kidney function deteriorates, it will be very difficult to
restore its former condition. "Early detection" helps in preventing
deterioration of the kidney function. But it is also basically
difficult to detect the onset of some types of kidney disease.

***How to detect kidney disease early?***

The following are the most common symptoms of "glomerulonephritis", a
type of kidney disease where the "glomeruli" (an important structure
in the kidneys that supply blood flow to the small units in the
kidneys that filter urine) become inflamed and impair the kidney's
ability to filter urine. However, some may experience symptoms
differently. Symptoms may include:

* dark brown-colored urine (from blood and protein)
* sore throat
* diminished urine output
* fatigue
* lethargy
* increased breathing effort
* headache
* high blood pressure
* seizures (may occur as a result of high blood pressure)
* rash, especially over the buttocks and legs
* weight loss
* joint pain
* pale skin color
* fluid accumulation in the tissues (edema)

The symptoms of glomerulonephritis may resemble other conditions and
medical problems.

Therefore, from these explanations, you understand that heart failure
occur due to kidney troubles. Nowadays, many emergency treatments in
major hospitals are "heart failure due to kidney disease" according
to the information we gathered.


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