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Secret Way to Extend Your Life Span by Counting Your Breath. Believe It or Not

According to the book of wisdom I read when I was a schoolboy 45
years ago, it said that God gave all living animals 500,000,000 times
to breathe.

Well, let us calculate. Let me see. My breathing cycle is about 10 –
12 times per minute. It means about 5,256,000 cycles a year. Let's
divide 500,000,000 by 5,256,000. It comes about 95, which indicates
that my life span is 95 years. Oh, I should reduce breathing to 8 – 9
cycles per minute in order to live more than 100 years...hahaha.

Dog's life span is about 15 years. Its breathing cycle is about 60
per minute. 500,000,000 divided by 31,536,000 a year equals to 15
years of life span. It may be a reasonable calculation, isn't it?

Of course, the above should be taken as a guide only, as your life
expectancy is influenced by a number of factors, from diet,
environmental condition, sickness, accident, pollution, and personal

Let us breathe slowly in order to live longer.

***Warning of Measles Outbreak. Measles Are Invading the World.***

New strains of measles are now invading the world, especially among
students. We recommend you to get vaccination before anything else.
It is the cheapest and a sure way to combat measles.

***Tuberculosis Warning...New Strain of Tuberculosis Called XDR-TB
(Extensively Drug-resistant Tuberculosis)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 450,000
people around the world are affected from XDR-TB, and continuously
increasing every day.

Extensively multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is expanding and it's
dangerous. At least four types of drug resistant Mycobacterium
tuberculosis in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are growing.

Good diet, exercise, good sleep, less overwork, reduce stress, and
early medical checkup are required.

***Sodium Hydrogen Bicarbonate (Baking Soda/Powder)***

We all know baking powder. But there may be many people who are
against the use of baking powder, again and again. They are just
stupid people around us. Here, let us use baking powder for good

Sodium bicarbonate is usually used for cooking or baking. You can rub
baking soda to meat, fish, and others for tendering. You can add a
teaspoon of soda to pineapple juice or any other drinks as health
drinks. Use it for cleaning your kitchen, stoves, dishes, and toys,

Do you know that you can use baking soda for beauty purposes? Mix
soda with face creams. It will make your skin smooth, beautiful, and
healthy. How about baking soda poured to the washing machine? Doing
so will make your clothes whiter and better, so enjoy your laundry
work. Many people use only soda for laundry with washing machine.

Sodium bicarbonate can do a lot of things in our living. How about
cleaning of your pet? Your pet's fur will shine more and get

Children love and enjoy sweet lemonade with sodium bicarbonate.

***Masks Prevent Inhaling Pollutants, Especially for People with
Pollen Allergies***

Schoolchildren hesitate to use mask because of shame or embarrassment
from other schoolmates. Why don't you decorate it with emblem or
sticker? It makes a new looking fashion in you.
See sample image:

Usually, additional sterilized gauze is inserted inside the mask, for
pollutants not to pass through. How about sterilizing the gauze with
green tea? Gauze submerged in hot tea for about five minutes turns
the gauze color to brown. Dry it in a windy shade. The gauze will
have pleasant smell with medicinal power of green tea protecting you
from pollen allergies. You should know that green tea with its smell
has medicinal effects. Repeat the sterilization process with green
tea daily after a whole day use. Don't use black tea. Use green tea
or herbal tea.


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