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Twenty Techniques That Heighten Powers of Concentration

 (1)The observance of celibacy, (2) the practice of pranayama, (3) the curtailment of wants and desires, (4) the reduction of worldly activities, (5) resort to silence,(6) remaining in seclusion in a room for one or two hours daily, (7) the raising of prayers, (8) the exercise of discrimination, or Vichara, (9) discipline of the senses,(10) control of anger, (11) non-mixing with undesirable persons,(12) annihilation of greed and selfishness, (13) control over the bodily posture through Yoga Asanas,(14) freedom from disturbing sensations or thoughts of work on hand,(15) increase in the number of sitting in daily meditation, (16) repetition of inspiring scriptural hymns, (17) expression of mercy and love for all, (18) development of the powers of attention, (19) reflection on the miraculous benefits of obtaining full concentration, (20) a burning aspiration to realise the Divine Being within the span of present life, the presence of past spiritual tendencies—are the twenty techniques or methods for increasing and heightening the powers of concentration.
One who has developed great powers of concentration obtains intuition, evolves rapidly, acquires immense inner spiritual strength, gains unalloyed spiritual felicity and communion with God.

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