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NOWADAYS,the most common prevailing problem worrying the people of society right from the teenage to the middle age,is the hairfall,associated with or without greying of hair,dandruff,ringworm etc., Hair fall,as such is not a disease at all,it can be called as a disorder or as a symptom of some other diseases.
In's caused basically because of lack of Testosterone hormone,according to the Allopathists.The pituitary gland fails to stimulate and enhance the production of the hormone.The other reasons being,use of hot water for hair wash,dandruff,unhygienic maintenance of the scalp,side effect of drugs and treatments like chemotheraphy,diseases like uncontrolled diabetes,thyroid,cancer,fungal infections,stomach disorders,anemic conditions wherein proper nourishment to the hair follicle is reduced due the lack of Heamoglobin,and various other reasons.In women apart from the various reason cited above,excess hair fall is noticed after delivery.This is due to lack of hormone.
According to the Ayurvedic system,the "Pitha dosha" present at the root of the hairs,getting increased in association with "Vatha dosha",makes the hair fall.Later on Kapha dosha & Raktha[blood] together get vitiated & blocks the follicles of the hairs not allowing fresh ones to grow.This condition is being called as Indralupta,Khalitya,or Ruhya which are being related to hair fall.Stress and strain also result in the hair fall.
Correction of the digestive system is the primary ascept.The medicines that can be administered for correction of digestive system are Ashtachurnam,Triphala churnam etc., Ayurveda advices purgation before any medication.Various medicine are available in Ayurveda for purgation.The lighter ones are Avipathi choornam.
For hair fall, premature Graying Dandruff etc., the methods or the treatments which have to be undergone are Shirodhara[Systematic pouring of medicated oil over the forehead], Shiropichu (pouring and retaining medicated oil on the head with a cotton)Nasyam[Nasal medication]with any oil apt to the condition of the patient & the humors dominating in him.
Yogasanas, meditation will help. Apt medicines and treatment, balanced diet and proper exercise will have to be followed in the cure or control of a disease for that matter.

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