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Sugar Candy

In India the large crystalline form of sugar is called Misri. The
correct name in english should be Candy sugar. Word Misri comes from
Chinese, originally Mi-Sha-Li, "sweet-pebble-glassy," a sweet
crystalline (glassy) substance the size of pebbles. NOrmal sugar is
in small crystals, which in a heap appear opaque-white or porcelain-
white rather than transparent salt-white. Porcelain-white sugar was
called Cheeni, where Cheeni = Porcelain. Thus, Cheeni does not mean
Chinese sugar, nor Misri

Candy Sugar has its origins in India and Persia. Arabic writers in
the first half of the 9th century described the production of candy
sugar. Crystals were grown as a result of cooling supersaturated
sugar solutions.

Candy sugar is known for centuries for its therapeutic applications.
It is also popular among makers of homemade fruit liqueurs. Loved by
both kids and grown ups, this rock candy makes a good substitute for
dessert after meals. You may be served "sounf" (fennel seeds and
sugar crystals after lunch and dinner in hotels.

In ayurveda, when medicine contains sugar, this sugar or its powder
is to be used when making medicines. If you taste refined sugar
(ordinary sugar used while making tea/coffee) and the candy sugar
you will realize the difference. candy sugar contain some minerals
which are compatible with milk. Candy sugar has more satisfying
taste too. The reason is slow crystallization which takes place
gives slightly more ordered structure, which is similar to the
structure of water when subjected to music etc. You may refer to the
work of Masru Emoto to know the connection between crystalline
structure and incident energy/vibrations. Other than chemistry,
there are number of other criteria which acharyas may have used to
decide what natural substances should be treated as harmonious to
restore the equilibrium of body mind and spirit. In small amounts
sugar is considered satvic. It allows ingestion of slightly toxic
medicines, which will be vomitted otherwise. Honey also shares this
property. With some fats and proteins, sugar adds fertility
property. such sweets are generally "Prasadam" in temples.

Whenever a medicine is taken with sugar or honey, it s absorption is
faster, as body is interested in sugar, but it cant get it alone,
with medicine only. IT is just like children have to be promised a
chocolate/candy if you wish them to accept bitter pill.

Author feels that the concept of pills would have been developed for
convenience and children who vomit out bitter tastes. allopathy
would have adopted sugar coatings based on ayurvedic practice.

The difference between ordinary refined sugar and candy sugar
(misri) is as much as that between naturally slowly crystalized sea
salt and iodized salt. Iodised salt is more "salty" while sea salt is less. Similarly you can eat more candy sugar for same amount of sweetness, as compared to refined sugar.

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  1. Dear Sir ,
    , I was operated in 2002 for pancreas & now for the last one year is having sugar problem .Kindly guide me for the ayurvedic treatment.