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Simple Rules to Good Health

If we follow nature and our natural instincts sans the
defects of a regimented modern life-style, it is very
easy to look after, manage, reduce and even cure
completely various health problems like fatigue,
mental and physical depressions, body aches and pains.
The spinal column which joins the ‘Sahasrar Chakra” at
the top of the brain to the ‘Mooladhar Chakra’ at the
lower end of the spine, is the master-key to good
health. Simple relaxation techniques which are
ingrained in almost all the 84 lakh species including
human beings naturally reflex back the body to its
natural, God-given state.

Hence, to enjoy optimum health sans various common
ailments, try the following simple rules of simple
living and high thinking.

1. Eliminate or try to reduce to the minimum the five
well-known white poisons like sugar, salt, oils or
fats, refined flours such as maida, besan or similar
other food stuffs (which do not have the outer
covering like bran), eggs, too much of milk or milk
products as also non-vegetarian food which has lots of
cholesterol, fats and proteins.

2. Drink plenty of water to produce nearly two liters
of urine in 24 hours to keep the body clean and supple
without kidney problems.

3. Eat plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits,
preferably by reducing other food to that extent. You
can eat plenty of salads as they do not contain
spices, and fruits instead of sugary desserts.

4. Avoid constipation at all costs; preceding paras
1,2 and 3 would help you in doing so. Constipation
creates and aggravates many ailments.

5. Try the following exercises before you come out of
the bed each time you sleep as they have a
rejuvenating effect:

a) Lie straight on your back on a hard bed with palms
under your head in place of the pillow. Join the big
toes and pull both the feet towards your head suddenly
without moving your heels which should remain where
they were i.e. at the same place on the bed. Wait for
a second and then drop down the feet back to their
earlie position and relax to enjoy the nice feeling.
Repeat it again 10 times or more, if you have more
time to enjoy.
b) Repeat by joining the toes and lifting the feet as
above. The circulate both the feet in a semi-circle,
right foot to the right and left to the left, joining
the toes back at the same point from where you had
started, to complete the circle and relax to enjoy.
c) Do the same exercise but in the reverse direction
and enjoy it for 10 times or more
d) Then keep your legs eight or ten inches apart, pull
both feet quickly towards you as you had done in a)
above. In all such cases, when you pull the feet
towards you keeping the heels where they were on the
bed, the knees too automatically and simultaneously
rise to that extent. Then jerk the knees together to
the extent convenient quickly but without force. Wait
for a second and drop both the legs to their original
position. It is very enjoyable. Repeat ten times or
more, time permitting, to enjoy as long as you want.
e) Pull both your legs and feet half way on the bed
with knees raised. Then jerk the feet up keeping the
heels on the bed only. Then while keeping the feet,
not the heels, in the raised position, jerk the knees
quickly but softly, wait for second and drop down the
feet with a slight thud on the bed to enjoy the
relaxation before you repeat it again to enjoy as many
times as you want to enjoy.

After completing the five simple exercises to be done
only with a view to enjoy, slowly slip back both the
legs slowly towards the end of the bed. After
straightening the body fully, stretch a little more to
induce what is called angdai in Hindi or alas-ghene in
Marathi. If done in that position, it will rejuvenate
you each time you do the exercises, feeling
fresh-like-a-flower each and every time.

If each exercise is done for about ten times, the
whole procedure would take two to three minutes. Hence
our good health slogan should be:

“Three minutes a day; keep the doctor away!”

And whenever too tired, do it again for a few
minutes to come out,

Author: S. M. Acharya, Founder President, Save India
Association (SIA) and Chief Director of the global
pain relief centre of the SIA, 155 St. Patrick’s Town,
Pune 411013, Tel: 91-20-26870204, cell: 91-9422314693,
Email:, Website:

NB: The author himself has been following these simple
rules for the last two decades or so although he had a
severe heart attack (MI) in 1982 and although many
cardiologists have had advised him to undergo by-pass
surgery. The author has since been doing much more
work after the heart attack but never felt any need to
go for a by-pass although he was 51 years of age when
he had the attack and now he is 76.
After the attack, he started holding free cure camps
for back pain etc. During the last 16 years or so, he
has held more than 600 such kepts with 30,000 or more
beneficiaries, most of whom had come to attend his
camps in the last resort after trying various
therapies. They come just to take one more chance if
something could help them to recover. Those who follow
these simple rules properly do recover to enjoy better
health than ever before.
He has tried to put most of the details on the
Internet at the abve-mentioned website and also the
exercises are given on YouTube to make it easy for all
to learn from there.
People seeking more info are also welcome to email
him at his above-mentioed emailID.

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  1. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

    Good Health