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Few Tips for Good Health

For Headache & Tiredness
Sit straight & stretch both arms & place the hands on the knees with palm facing upwards.
Bend the index finger so that it folds under your thumb. The remaining 3 fingers should remain straight.
 Let about 1/2 cm. of your tongue (i.e., tip of the tongue) be out of the mouth.
 Relax your mind.
Sit in this position for 1-2 minutes. One should do this procedure 2-3 times in a day.
 For Controlling Anger
1) One should chew food properly. One must devote atleast 20 minutes in chewing food.

2) Whenever one feels angry, one should fold hands to make a firm fist for a few minutes.
This would make 90% of anger disappear.

For High Blood Pressure
1) One should say the mantra, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti , everytime one eats meals or drinks anything.
One should say this mantra before, during & after eating/drinking.

2) Soak one raisin (kishmish) overnight in pure rose water. Eat it empty stomach the next day.
Soak 2 raisins on the second day, 3 raisins on the third day & keep on increasing the number for 21 days.
 That means one should soak 21 raisins on the 21st day. If you do not get pure rose water, then prepare it at home by boiling 1 kg of rose petals (desi gulab) in 1 liter of water & then filtering it using a fine cloth.
To make sure that high blood pressure is cured permanently, one should repeat this course again after a month.

For Low Blood Pressure
One should say the mantra "Hari Aum..." several times at a fast speed. One should read satsang books that help one get rid of depression. Whenever one feels low, then one should fight back the negative thoughts
with the powerful positive energy of "Hari Aum...".
For Diabetes/ High Blood Sugar
The following remedies have been taken from the book, Arogya Nidhi, published by Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram.

1) Methi seeds:
Soak 10mg of methi seeds in 100 ml of water in the night. In the morning rub this methi (crush them with your hand) and eat it. Also drink the remaining water.

2) Fresh juice of cabbage, carrots, coconut, karela & spinach is helpful for lowering the blood sugar.

3) Saunth Jal (Dry ginger water): Boil one whole saunth/dry ginger root in a large bowl of water till the water is reduced to half. When the water becomes cool use a thick cloth to sieve it (pani chhan lo). Do sieve it twice so that the threads of dry ginger do not remain in water. Use this water in the day time. After the sugar level becomes normal even then continue taking this water for some days.

4) Ajwain Jal:
Boil 1 litre of water with 1 tsp of fresh new ajwain (approx. 8.5 gms). Boil it till the water is reduced to half.
After the water becomes cool sieve it using a cloth and drink it.Note: This water is hot in nature.

5)Pani Prayog / water Therapy

TULSI For Tooth Problems, Enhance Memory &Prevent & Cure Jalodhar/Bhagodar
Chew 5-7 leaves of Tulsi & drink one glass of water empty stomach early in the morning. Tulsi should not be picked before sunrise, after sunset & on Sunday.
 One should pick Tulsi in the day time.
 Leaves of Tulsi remain fresh for 7 days.

This will cure tooth problems of children, prevent & diseases like Jalodhar/Bhagodar. This is also very helpful in improving memory. 
For Curing & Preventing Kidney Problems
 There is a vegetable grown in India called
  (Punarnava) in Sanskrit,
  (Saatori) in Gujrati,
  (Saattaa) in Punjabi
& (Lunrak) in Sindhi.
This vegetable looks very similar to spinach.

* When suffering from kidney problems, one should take 50 gms. juice of this vegetable once everyday.

* In order to make kidney stronger than before, one should cook & eat this vegetable once in 10-15 days.

Note: The first P.M. of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had presented this plant to Queen Elizabeth of Britain
because of its great medicinal value
Harmful Effects of Cheese & Mava or Khoya
Any kind of cheese (or paneer) & condensed milk (mava or khoya) is very harmful for health.
These milk products are very difficult to digest & the body is not able to get rid of them & therefore
 they act as poison for the body. These products lead to several health disorders like heart problems etc.
Vaayu (Gas) Problems
Taking 4-5 pieces of cashew after meals is very helpful  in overcoming Vaayu problems.
 Please note that eating more than 7 cashew pieces in 24 hours is harmful for health.
Potatoes are very harmful for people having Vaayu problems

Mandaagni (Not feeling hungry & weak digestion power
Take a few sliced ginger pieces dipped in lemon juice & sprinkled with salt 10-15 minutes before meals.


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