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How to Prevent Cataract and Glaucoma

Most people suffer from cataract when they are around 70 years old.
This is usually caused by aging process. Therefore, cataract is
somewhat regarded as a part of aging.
Although cataract is more common in adults, it can also occur in
young people, and sometimes, even in a baby's eyes at birth. It is a
disease of the eye and we recommend you to consult eye specialists.
When people get old, even the eyes get wrinkles and tears remain
along the wrinkles. It is the reason that old people look maudlin or
Now, are there any methods or remedies to prevent cataract when we
get old? Yes, there are. If you are still below 40 years old, start
these techniques on how to prevent developing cataract when you get
old. If you do not believe me, you will surely have cataract when you
reach 60 years old. LOL. No joke here.

According to the studies done by one of the largest pharmaceutical
companies and by the Ministry of Health in Japan, vitamin C intake
can prevent or minimize getting eye problems of cataract in old age.
One big pharmaceutical company gathered 3.5 million volunteers for 25
years and they were given dieted food plus vitamin C tablet as a
Each year, the medical group checked the eyes of 45 to 65 years old.
The result was marvelous. After 25 years of conducting research, the
company scientists were convinced that vitamin C works remarkably
against cataract.

Out of 3.5 million people, only 25 – 30% of them are having a sign of
cataract but only 2.5% of them were surgically operated.
Another important information is that the eyes contain antioxidants
called "lutein". Lutein is the only carotenoid that is included in
the retina and lens of the eye, and it is also called as the "eye

Lutein has a strong anti-oxidation action that protects the eye from
the damage of the active oxygen caused by ultraviolet rays. Lutein
can be found in the back of the eye where retina is located. When
lutein decreases with age and the like, anti-oxidation action becomes
weak and active oxygen increases, denaturation of the eye occurs, and
vision will be deteriorated. The lutein presence in the eyes will
help prevent glaucoma and cataracts.
Lutein is found naturally in foods such as spinach, broccoli,
Brussels sprout, lettuce, green peas, kiwi fruit, and marigold.
Some scientists say that overdose of vitamin C is bad for the health.
Is it true? Our study indicates that the answer is Yes and No. The
effect of it varies greatly from person to person. If you take large
amounts of vitamin C, it's preferable to divide the dose probably
after each meal.
Another thing you have to bear in mind is self-diagnosis. Because of
old age, if you notice that the weakening of your eyesight is caused
by cataract, you must consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) as
soon as possible. Because it might not be cataract at all
but "glaucoma", a more dangerous eye disease.
If you are below 40 years old, start taking more vitamin C, and we
recommend you to wear sunglasses. These ideas might prevent you from
getting cataract when you get old. It is the study done by several
About the Author:
Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher and has been studying
the causes of viruses since 1960. In 1968, he invented the Pyro-
Energen, the first electrotherapy device that eradicates viral
diseases effectively and wihout any side effects.
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