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Cough is a normal problem that we face in our day to day life. Actually cough is not a disease which should be afraid of. It is one of the body’s defense mechanism to get rid of foreign bodies which reaches the lungs and interferes with respiration and body functions. To expel this foreign bodies the body produces bouts of cough and thus the body is free from it.

In today’s world we take lots of medicine to control or inactivate cough. This is mainly done by inactivating or controlling the cough centers in the brain which means we are controlling body’s defense mechanism and as a result other secondary disease are affected. Ayurveda and other alternate systems of medicine has always made it clear that it is not the disease to be treated but it is the patient who should be treated. The drugs and methods of treatment in these systems are non invasive and is readily accepted by the body. It is wise to allow the body to treat the cough by helping the rest of the body get well. Healthy bodies do not cough. Whether it is a cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia, strengthening one's immune system can only help.

Some simple Ayurvedic/Natural treatment for cough

1. Heat milk by dissolving turmeric in it, add pinch of salt and

jaggery and feed it to child to cure cold, cough and simmering sound.

You may also add 1/2 tsp ghee if jaggery is not available.

2. Apply castor oil on betel leaf, heat it slightly, keep it on

child's chest and with the help of warm cloth slightly foment it so

that the cough gets diluted.

3. Feed him a mixture of Tulsi (Osimum sanctum) leaves juice in honey for 2-3

times and by applying heated basil leaves juice on the chest, nose and

Forehead, relief may be obtained.

4. Other natural remedy is to mix honey in lemon juice and give as cough


5. Another remedy which not only cures cough but also treats some of

The "modern" problems (arising from growth hormone imbalances) of

Children are to make them drink Honey, lemon and onion in warm water.

Despite the worst taste it works really well.

6. Take as much Vitamin C through fruits/drinks needed to be symptom free,

Whatever the amount might be." That is usually just under the amount

that would result in loose bowels. In India, Lemon, Goose berry are

available in all cities these days. For children like this, just 1

Goose berry juice with 1 tsp honey, only once a day is just like antibiotic

injection taking care for 24 hours.

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