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SUGAR alternatives for Diabetes patients

Here are some alternatives which can be used to sweeten your food instead of Sugar. These organic substances and wont affect your health.

1. Cinnamon.
In oatmeal, and even coffee, it adds a subtle sweetness, but studies show just the smell of it causes positive, stress and disease fighting gene changes in the brain.

2. Almonds / Almond Milk:
This subtle sweetener"tricks"our taste buds into thinking there is more sugar in the meal than actually there. Many health benefits with more minerals than any other nut.

3. Caramelized Onions.
To balance the acidity of savory foods like tomato pastes, soups, chili etc... sugar is often added to'balance'the flavors. But add some caramelized onions to the mix and you can let their natural sugars add balance and flavor to the meal.

4. Avocado.
Sweet and comes in it's own bowl! Enjoy in sandwiches, and even creative smoothies.

5. Roasted Vegetables.
Carrots, beets, squash and sweet potato are desert like sweet on a cold winter evening when roasted and loaded with healthy benefits.

6. Vanilla Bean Powder.
Looks much like dirt but taste like ice cream! Try it in yogurt and watch the flavors dance.

7. Coconut Meat.
Raw coconut sliced fresh is like nothing else. Add it to breakfast grains as a wonderful, nutritional bonus.

8. Berries.
Berries are fantastic when frozen and added to meals with natural sugars to entertain our taste buds

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