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Natural foods to control and beat Cholesterol

1. Spinach : They are rich in lutein which guards against age-related degenerative problems. Regular intake 

protects the walls of artery and eliminates cholesterol aggrevating factors.

2. Garlic : Daily intake with diet has proved to be an excellent home remedy to manage increased 

Cholesterol level. It also reduces Bad Cholesterol and increases Good Cholesterol in body.

3. Kidney Beans : Beans, Kidney Beans etc are rich in protein and fiber. They Help in increasing good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol and maintains healthy Cardiovascular system.

4. Dry Fruits (Walnuts, Cashew and Almonds) : Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is Cardiac protective. They lower triglyceride and LDL but increases good cholesterol in the body. 

Cashew nuts are very low in fat content but rich in Cardiac healthy monosaturated fats. They lower triglyceride and cholesterol level in the body. They also have antioxidant properties and are rich in Magnesium so lower blood pressure and prevent the risk of Heart attack. 
Almonds are rich in minerals ike Iron, Copper, Phosphorus and Vitamin B1 etc. They are Cardio protective, increases Haemoglobin and lower Cholesterol. 

Regular and daily intake of about 3-6 of each of these nuts are good to manage Cholesterol level. 

5. Curry leaves : Used in various Siddha Medicine, Curry leaves is one of the important and known Kitchen herbs. It should be included in daily diet as it lowers the level of increased Triglyceride & Bad Cholesterol. Consuming 8 to 10 curry leaves daily is very helpful to lower increased Cholesterol level.

6. Whole grain : Whole wheat, Brown rice, Oats that comes under the category whole grain is very important in Cholesterol management. As these are low in saturated fat and Cholesterol, they help in lowering total Cholesterol level. Rich in fibre & low in Sodium, whole grain proves to manage Blood pressure & Cardiac problems.

Include these foods in diet and keep your heart young and healthy

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