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Health benefits of Dates fruit

Dates, one of the most nourishing fruits and called Phoenix Dactylifera scientifically, are largely used as a bread by the natives of Sahara. Dates are embraced as both dry and fresh fruits with astounding health benefits. Its made with 60-70 percent of natural sugar. This fruit undergoes fermentation very easily, this is the reason why it is dried under the sun.  It got its origin in the Persian Gulf area or Mesopotamia. The level of glucose and fructose increases in your body with its use, due to which it is considered as one of the finest sources of energy. And it works as a tonic for treating various digestive disorders, too.


Constipation- This fruit contains a laxative effect. So it helps to treat the problem of constipation. For this purpose, soak some dates in water for one night and make their syrup on the next morning and drink it.

Intestinal health- A fine nicotinic amount in this fruit regulates the growth of pathological organisms. It helps to enhance the level of friendly bacteria in the intestine.

Weight gain- Dates are high in the content of fats, sugar, proteins and many vitamins. Just one kilogram of this fruit contains around 3,000 calories. So it proves to be a boon if you want to gain weight.

Heart health- Being rich in fortifying nutrients, date helps to form a healthy condition of the heart. For this, soak its pieces in water for one night and crush them on the next morning and then simply eat them.

Sexual debility- This food works as a tonic for enhancing the sexual stamina of a person. Just take a handful of dates and soak them in fresh goat's milk for one night. On the next day, grind them in the same milk and add a little cardamom powder and honey. Drinking this tonic helps to raise sexual endurance and treat sterility that has occurred due to a functional disorder.

Intoxication- If you are suffering from alcoholic intoxication (due to excessive intake of alcohol) then dates help to reduce this effect. You should soak them for one night and consume on the next day.

Teething problems- Traditionally,  a date was tied to the wrist of the baby and allowed to be sucked by the baby during teething phase. This helped to harden the gums and prevent other issues like diarrhea and fretfulness. A paste was made with honey and a date as an effective remedy for diarrhea and dysentery during teething, and was given three times a day. You can also try it on your baby.

*Avoid the overdose of this fruit as it can cause diabetes and tooth decay due to its high sugar content. So follow the key of 'moderation' while using it.

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