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Pumpkin Wonder: It is the best fruit to rejuvenate dull skin

Pumpkin isn't restricted as a prop for Halloween. Here's how pumpkin can work wonders for your skin

How many of us would have thought that pumpkin can have great beauty benefits? All that comes to our mind when we think about a pumpkin is holiday decorations, pies, scary Jack-o'-lanterns. But hold on, because it has great nutritional value and is a great beauty product. It offers vitamins, minerals, fibre and the all-important antioxidant that our body needs to stay healthy and young. And since winters can play nasty tricks on your skin, pumpkins are a great way to keep your skin supple and soft as always.

Pumpkin makes for a great moisturiser and exfoliating masks depending upon the ingredients you use. The enzymes in it give you a younger look and the natural alpha-hydroxy acids in pumpkin helps to remove cells to reveal younger, fresher skin. In fact, a lot of face products in the market use pumpkin as their main ingredient. Pumpkin nourishes tired or dry skin instantly giving you a healthy glow anytime your skin needs a much-needed boost! Pumpkin peels can also help when you are having one of those dreaded breakouts and acne problems. The nutrients can help soothe and reduce inflammation naturally, helping skin recover from acne-related damage.

Exfoliating mask
You will need:
8 ounces cooked (cooled) pumpkin
12 finely chopped almonds
¼ cup honey
1/8 teaspoon olive oil

You will have to blend the all these for a smoother effect. Leave the mixture on your skin for about 5 minutes and rinse with luke warm water. You will feel the difference immediately.

Make your own home facial
The natural healing properties of pumpkin can be a great treat for your skin especially in winters. Here are few tips on how to make your own home facial. You will need:
2 teaspoons canned pumpkin
½ teaspoon honey
½ teaspoon milk
¼ teaspoon cinnamon spice

All you have to do is to mix these ingredients together into a paste and apply directly onto your skin. Let the paste dry for about 15 minutes and rinse it with water.

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  1. My wife always do the same thing, she always uses pumpkin to rejuvenate her dull skin. I'll give it to my wife and hopefully, she will be happy because she can make her own home facial. I never expect that pumpkin is really beneficial.