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Wonder Drug - Ganoderma

Hello readers,
I just want to explain something about a great herb that i came to know about recently.I also tried it on a number of my patients with a number of complaints.I have got good results from it,that no other drug has given me.
I just want to introduce this herb to all my readers.Just check it out.
If anyone needs to know more about it and to cure your problems with it just mail me at

A small introduction of the herb

Ganoderma is a genus of polypore mushrooms which grow on wood and include about 80 species, many from tropical regions. Because of their extensive use in traditional Asian medicines, and their potential in bioremediation, they are a very important genus economically. Ganoderma can be differentiated from other polypores because they have a double walled basidiospore. They are popularly referred to as shelf mushrooms or bracket mushrooms.

Several species of Ganoderma have been used in traditional Asian medicines for thousands of years. Collectively, the Ganoderma are being investigated for a variety of potential therapeutic benefits:

    * anticancer effects - Best herb in treating cancer
    * immunoregulatory effects - useful in AIDS
    * antioxidant activities - Keeps you young always
    * liver-protecting effects -for liver cirrhosis
    * hypoglycemic effects - Best herb in treating Diabetes Melitus
    * antibacterial effects - Boost your Immunity
    * antiviral effects
    * antifungal effects
    * reducing blood cholesterol - reduce risk for cardiac complaints
    * inhibiting blood vessel regeneration (angiogenesis)
    * antifibrotic effects
    * protection against radiation-induced damage
    * reducing lower urinary tract symptoms and increase sexual performance
    * increasing endurance for vigorous exercise

I will be posting more information in this wonder drugs ..
so visit daily for updates.....
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