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Treatment For Corns

1. Take fresh lemon fruit, cut a thick slice, apply it at the site of
corn, tie a cloth bandage over it and leave it overnight. Remove the
slice next morning. Continue every night. In a week, progress will be
seen. The corn becomes soft and dissolves slowly.

2. If you can get raw papaya fruit, cut few pieces and make a juice
in kitchen blender or using stone grinder. You need just 1/2 tsp
juice for each corn site. apply it and rub it in for few minutes. Do
this twice a day. The juice may be stored in fridge to avoid repeated

Procedures which remove the corns physically or burn them out by
laser/Liquid Nitrogen/Heated rods will eliminate them temporarily, and corns
will reappear. Same remark applies to Kshar Sutra treatment for piles.
Certain growths (piles, skin tags included) in the body follow one principle
from spiritual ayurveda. Cutting them doubles the force to grow with vengeance. Just
like cancer tumors. Ayurvedic tretament yields better success if no surgery/chemotherapy/radiation.

Root cause of disease lies in our mind, diet and lifestyle.

(1) Avoiding refined sugars, soft carbs, refined floors, fried items,
nonvegetarian items and
(2) adding ginger, lemon, cinnamon, garlic, onion, fenugreek, neem
leaves, raw frits, chillies, bitter gourd to the diet will reduce
the chances of their re-appearance. Exact diet/herbal recomendation
depends on pulse check.


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