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Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? If you feel some 
numbness around your hands or palms, consult your physician 
immediately as these symptoms might lead to serious damage to your 

Most bedridden patients experienced numbness around their feet or 
hands in the beginning, thinking that it was just a twist while 
sleeping or some simple daily usual occurrence. Often, they tell us 
that the feeling of numbness was just nothing, until time had passed 
for several years. One day they noticed that they failed to even hold 
a cup of coffee or else dropping it. Bear in mind that these are all 
dangerous signs to your health.

In carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness usually occurs at thumb, index, 
middle finger and half of the ring finger.


There are several and many think that it is caused by repetitive 
movements of arms and fingers especially among heavy computer 
keyboard users. Some records show that women during pregnancy and 
after delivery are more susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome than 
others. It is also fairly common in patients undergoing dialysis.

However, according to medical groups, up to this writing, there is no 
definite answer on the real cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

What could be the remedy for the thumb and other parts of the fingers 
that are getting thin or having muscle degeneration? It is quite 
difficult to answer, and there is also no definite remedy that was 

According to some patients, solving the pressure of the nerve with 
surgical operation will correct the condition or numbness. Of course, 
there are cases that such syndrome disappeared over time without any 


The following photo shows a diagnostic test for carpal tunnel 
syndrome, known as the Phalen's maneuver or Phalen's test.

Bend your wrist and maintain your hands position in a 90-degree 
angle, pushing the back of both hands together, for about one minute. 
If you do not feel any pain or numbness, then you are at least on the 
safe level. Of course, the Phalen's maneuver is not a definite way to 
diagnose but it helps to know at least.

Two years ago, one of our caretakers in the rice field was cutting 
rice straw with sickle when she suddenly lost her power to hold the 
sickle and dropped it. Since then, she had difficulties holding 
things with her right hand for a year. She is now under diet control 
and of course, hands, arms and feet exercise everyday with the Pyro-
Energen treatment.

Usually, hands and mouth numbness leads to cerebral apoplexy or 
cerebral apoplexy leads to hands and mouth numbness. You should know 
that this numbness usually happens when you wake up in the morning. 
Whichever it is, if you feel slight numbness in your hands or around 
the mouth, we advise you to consult your physician immediately before 
anything serious happens to your health.

Also, some patients told us that some numbness or strange feeling or 
strange vertigo occurs especially when they bend their neck (head) 
upward. Schoolteachers told us that such numbness occurred when they 
started writing on the blackboard when they bend their head upwards 
or when they face up.


Open and close and twist hard your hands as shown on these 
illustrations as often as possible every day. This simple hands 
exercise can eradicate hundreds of blood-related problems according 
to our experiences.

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