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OBESITY, it is one of the problem bothering the people sector of all
ages. Due to the fast acting world, everything has become so fast,
which led to the unordered food habits leading to many nutritional
disorder, one among them being Obesity.

Obesity may be defined as a condition in which there is an excessive
amount of body fat. This accumulation occurs due to the imbalance
between energy intake and expenditure. Some of the factors affecting
obesity are age, socio-economical condition, heredity, occupation,
endocrine factor, drugs etc.

The obesity may affect the people psychologically by causing depression
and physically by causing flat feet , osteoarthrosis of knees,
hip, lumbar spine, varicose veins, abdominal hernias and respiratory
infections. Diabeties mellitus hypertension, cholesterol,gout are all
found to be common among the obese people.

Obese people –Athisthoola people are considered one among The Ashta
–Nindita Purusha (unwanted constitutional people). AcharyaVagbhatta
has described that Athisthoola people will have Apachi
(scrofula)Meha (pramcha), Fever, cough, Depression in severe forn and
the treatment should be done by correcting the medas (Fat) Anila
(vata) and sleshma (kapha).

The treatment for the obesity comprises of the following aspects:-

Diet :- Oilfree, Fatfree, Less carbohydrate, more fibrous and Balanced

Medicine :- The holistic medicine, Ayurveda treats obesity by giving
internal medicines like Gulgulu thikthakam Kashayam, Pathya
Purnarnavadi Kashayam, Varunadi Kashayam, Punarnavasavam, Jalamanjiri,
Silajath, Gulgulu Panchaphala choornam.

External medication is by Panchakarma Therapy like Udvartana
Swedanam ( Herbal Medicinal Powder massage) Virechanam (Purgation)

Exercise:- Following the medication, Physiotherapical exercises for
hip, thighs are recommended.

The one of the main aspect in the treatment of obesity is the
co-operation which the patient offer for the treatment, by following
the diet indications and the exercise.

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