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Your kidneys are vital for the excretory process of wastes in the
body. As you know, these waste buildups are excreted as urine. When
the kidneys job of cleaning blood toxins and waste products
deteriorates, "Chronic Kidney Disease" occurs.

Mostly, kidney failure occurs in asymptomatic patients. Risk of
sudden death is also counted.

In a small market, we gathered blood and urine samples of 100 people
who claim to be healthy. Surprisingly, 22 people were suffering from
chronic kidney disease, and 37 people were in need of special medical
attention for kidney disease! Only 41 people were considered normal!

Why the majority of kidney disease victims did not notice their
declining kidney function?

In the case of Mr. A at 32 years old, he felt sudden severe headache
and palpitation. He seek medical attention and was diagnosed with
kidney disease. He had to go through a strict diet. However, after 6
years of hard life, he is now forced to undergo kidney dialysis. In
most cases of kidney disease, renal impairment is almost irreversible
and has a small chance of recovery.

As the kidney function decreases, symptoms will appear like headache,
weakness, dizziness, and low level of urination. Anemia,
hypertension, and frequent urination can also be counted. In many
cases, there are no signs of such symptoms at all.

According to medical information, apart from high blood sugar levels,
high blood pressure, eating fatty and salty foods, stress, cigarette
smoking, and bacterial infections can cause kidney disease. Also,
hard work or hard athletic exercise increases the blood flow and the
kidney cannot accommodate filtering the blood. It's also bad to take
a lot of milk or other sports drinks that might produce too much
protein as it may cause reduced kidney function.

Early detection of kidney disease can be done by urine test. At home,
you can simply use urine test strips. If the result is not as
expected, then, consult your doctor.

We have a news magazine written about two Japanese pro-wrestlers who
never thought that they are suffering from kidney disease.

A popular pro-wrestler, packed with muscle and power, in his final
match, lost and carried to a hospital. His sidekicks and doctors
thought that the wrestler had some internal injuries occurred during
his fight. But medical test showed unexpected kidney disease with
him. The wrestler was sent for immediate surgical operation, but the
damage was too serious. He never regained from kidney disease. After
few days, the wrestler was gone.

Kidney disease is too dangerous, and could lead to death without any
symptoms. Another popular pro-wrestler was losing recently for all
his fights. To regain power, he had to eat a lot of meat and drink a
lot of milk. One day, after his fight, he was also rushed to a
hospital. Medical test showed that he was suffering from an advanced
stage of kidney disease. He and his family never imagined that kidney
disease was killing him. He is now under dialysis.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    if you have any health tips for who is suffering from kidney disease and both of the kidney works only 25% so prevent from more damage what are the tips you can give us.
    thank you