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Good and healthy teeth are an amazing balance of aesthetic beauty and engineering .The main cause of toothache is decay of teeth which results from decomposition of food particles on them. It is basically a breakdown or destruction of the tooth structure by demineralisation.The sugars and carbohydrates that are present in the mouth produce acids as a result of microbial attackThese acids erode the teeth causing teeth decay.
Clove oil
Margosa (Neem)
Mustard oil

Common Recipes:
Dip a swab of clean cotton in clove oil and place it under the aching tooth. It relieves pain instantly. This remedy helps to decrease infection due to its antiseptic properties.

A mixture of ginger and roasted alum when applied to the aching tooth twice or thrice a day eases the pain.

To one teaspoonful of ginger and roasted alum, add a few drops of mustard oil to make the paste fairly consistent to apply. This ensures a speedy recovery and application of this paste at regular intervals eases the pain considerably.

Take about 100 gms of Neem (Margosa tree) root and coarsely powder it. Boil this in about one litre of water over gentle heat till the quantity is reduced to half of the original volume. Strain the decoction and add a spoonful of a table salt. Keep this lukewarm decoction in the mouth and retain it for some time before gargling. Repeating this relieves pain.

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