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Infections are good for You !!

Infection can actually be beneficial to health, it is essential to
have a clear understanding of the symptoms of infection and their
real purpose. Whenever a child develops measles, chicken pox,
whooping cough or any of the other common childhood infections, it
will experience several of the following symptoms;

Fever - speeds up bodily elimination of toxic waste.
No Appetite - when a fever is present, the digestive system shuts
down thus removing the need and desire for food.

Vomiting/Diarrhoea - the body's way of eliminating undigested
foodstuff from the digestive tract.

Tiredness/Lethargy - the body's way of forcing a sick person to rest
thus conserving its energy for the vital tasks of cleansing and

Glandular Swelling - the lymph glands filter the blood for toxic
substances. Swelling of these glands greatly increases their
filtering capacity.

Skin Rash - represents an elimination of toxic waste, the skin being
a major eliminative organ. pimples dry blisters are also covered here
and author deals with it a later paragraph.

Mucus Elimination - also an elimination of toxic waste. Mucus is made
up of the body's white blood cells which are the body's garbage cans
containing toxic residue. A good example is the runny nose.

Inflammation - serves the same purpose as fever, to cleanse and
repair damaged or poisoned tissue in the body.

In reality, the symptoms do not constitute the disease but the cure.
In other words, measles is not the disease but the cure. Whooping
cough is not the disease but the cure. Chicken pox is not the disease
but the cure. The real disease is Toxaemia out of which the symptoms
arise. This will explain the words of Hippocrates, who to this day is
referred to as the Father of Medicine. Over 2000 years ago he wrote;

"Diseases are crises of purification, of toxic elimination. Symptoms
are the natural defences of the body. We call them diseases, but in
fact they are the cure of diseases."

By clearly understanding the true purpose of symptoms, the beneficial
nature of infections becomes readily apparent. These so-called
infections serve to restore internal purity thereby promoting the
health. This will explain why alternate health practitioners make no
attempt to suppress these symptoms, instead they believe that the
symptoms should be allowed to run their course so that complete
detoxification is achieved.

On the other hand, should these symptoms be suppressed by medical
drugs or other suppressive measures, then the body will be forced to
retain within its own tissues the poisonous wastes that it is
striving to remove. This can not only result in increased suffering
and complications, but it can lay the foundations for chronic disease
in later life. If you know of a child who has ever suffered
complications or died from a childhood infection, then find out how
the child was treated, for in the opinion of many doctors, it is
incorrect treatment including suppressive drug therapy that lies
behind most complications and fatalities. In many cases poor
underlying health is also a factor.

Modern science energy laws tell us that dead matter is black. IF you
take wood and burn it, its energy is converted to heat and charcoal
remains. The author has seen the color of the toxins stored in the
bile ducts, when they come out, just charcoal color. same is the
color of the cancer tumors, when they leave the body externally. When
they are about to die, total black color. Come to skin disease now.
be it boil, erruptions, pimples, final color when it forms the head
is black, when it can easily leave the body without giving any
trouble. You will see that most matter leaving the body through skin,
when it itches intensely, it is black. (only living matter, termed
young, is hair when they are black, as an exception! Why hair are black and God gave us, no satisfactory answer till now)

When ayurvedic drugs are used in Cancers and HIV+ patients to boost
their immunity, it is invariable that some form of healing crisis
arises. And this healing crisis is a sure symptom that immunity is
boosted, body's natural defence is now active. One can use relief
remedy to ease the discomfort, but do not suppress the healing crisis.
To reduce the digestive load, one can take fruits/veggies to get
natural enzymes, vitamins etc but let digestive system know its job
by taking cereals, sprouts, legumes etc also. Exercise to all systems
including Central Nervous system (e.g. quizzes, intellectual
discussions, reading, etc) essential. Do not overload it by non-veg food.

People often go to the alternate healer when conventional methods
have been tried and found without success. Alternate methods require
personal exertion, self control, changing the cherished habits. The
first sign of improvement in the treatment of a chronic disease does
not mean a cure. An abatement of symptoms is also not a sign of real
and permanent cure. Under the influence of various natural
detoxification methods, when the body becomes purified and
strengthened, the period of marked improvement will set in. The
improvement is not to be judged by patient but by non-medical
neighbors and family members will see the skin glow, sparkele in eyes
and general euphoria of the patient. It is worth noting that some
microbes cause cravings, depression, obesity! Once immune system
strengthens it finishes microbes by itself, without need of any anti-
microbial drugs. A real healer, if he finds healing crisis to become
more strong, he may give relief by reducing or backing off the dose a
little, but not give any suppressive or anti-microbe treatment.

What is important is vitality, energy levels, sleep quality. Immune
system is active in sleep maximum. It is just like Prime minister
visiting the city, where roads are cordoned off, police everywhere to
guard his security. same way, when other functions are in low key,
immune system is at peak. doing detoxification of liver, lungs,
spleen etc. The soil (blood) is important not the germ contained
therein. germ finishes off some of the morbid matter which is waste for body. Viral fever does not get tamed by drugs, but immune system
itself finishes it off within 5-10 days. Certain microbes cant
multiply at higher temperatures, so body raises the temperature.
While a naturopath tries to cover the body by a blanket or cold
compress, we like to reduce the fever by a anti-pyretic. Fever must
run through its course, and we should starve the fever, as discussed
in some posts on this list.

So do not worry by blisters, pimples etc. The black heads, as soon as
they are formed, they will leave the body. The blemishes, dark spots
may be finished off by blood purification herbs/detoxification drugs
later. The skin fairness is surprising result in sincere patients
after detoxes!

The most potent toxin in the body is scare by pathology numbers..all
time game of life insurance of meidcal science and its practitioners! Health is personal experience, as much as self-realization. It can not be defined by numbers. numbers are observations useful for future interpretation, but when nature goes in uncharted waters (Global warming) who can do anything.

So next time when you have an infection dont try to suppress it.

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