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Tips to Relieve Stress at Work

Are you stressed at work and carry it along with you at home ?

Here are certain tips that will help to relieve stress. Following these
tips you can reduce stress on the job.

1.When you make phone calls take three slow deep breaths before dialing
a number. As you exhale tension is pushed out.

2.Improve your eating style. Don’t eat while standing or driving in a
car. Sit comfortably while eating your food.

3.While driving car to your workplace, listen to something something
enjoyable or motivating.

4.Listen to enjoyable or relaxing music when you reach home from your

5. At your workplace take few minutes and think of those people who
have harmed you in any way. Then take a deep a breath, relax, and push out
all the tension surrounding those thoughts.

6.Enjoy each and every moment of your life.


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