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Cirrhosis of the liver - Symptoms - Investigation - treatment

It is condition of destruction of hepatic cells, over growth of the
fibrous tissues, associated with progressive hepato cellular failure and
portal hypertension commonly due to hepatitis, excessive alcohol intake,
low protein diet, malarial or due to use of methotrexate and methyl
dopa in excess and may be due to new growth.

1. Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, flatulence
2. Pain in hypochondrium after meals
3. Bleeding piles, haematemesis, from ruptured esophageal varices
4. Loss of weight, weakness, anaemia and jaundice
5. Oedema, gynaecomastia testicular atrophy, ascitis
6. liver, firm and irregular

1. liver function test
2. liver biopsy
3. USG- whole abdomen

Bed rest, balanced diet with more carbohydrate, less protein and fat
restricted diet.

1. Brihat loknath- 125 mg
Maha mritunjay loha – 250 mg twice with ghrit kumari ras- 3ml (fresh

2. yakridi louh – 125 mg
Pun. Mandoor – 125mg
Navayas louh – 125 mg thrice with kumariasav 4 tsf with water.

Cirrhosis liver is mostly chronic disease need very care full treatment
for total improvement, use of gomutra 5 ml daily gives beneficial
effect use of bhuamalak juice 10ml daily also increases the liver efficancy.

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