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Cervical spondylosis

A specific form of arthritis which attacks vertebrae and connecting
bony and ligamental structures, is known as spondylitis. It is of three
types. The osteo-arthritic type of spondylitis is known as spondylosis.
Frequently it occurs in the cervical vertebrae. The spines of majority
of people above the age of 50 have certain degree of osteo-artritic
changes. But they seldom cause acute symptoms. Ceratin precipitating
factors like trauma, incorrect posture of the body, pressure while sleeping
and excessive intake of sour food, usully precipitate these attacks. In
Ayurveda this condition is known as Griva sandhigata vata.

Pain in the back of neck, shoulder and arms, stiffness of the neck and
even paraplegia occurs due to this condition. The pain of the neck is
generally aggravated by the movement of the spine. It is often
associated with loss of memory and sleeplessness.

Treatment: any external massage is not of much use. Violent massage
with deep pressure is very harmful for the patient. Only gentle massage
over the muscles of the neck and shoulder joints should be applied and
for this purpose Mahanarayana taila is best suited.

A compound preparation named Simhanada guggulu is popularly used by
ayurvedic physicians for the treatment of this condition. It is given in a
dose of 2-4 tablets four times a day. Usually hot water or hot milk is
given to the patient after the administration of this medicine. This
medicine has a slightly has a laxative effect. For the patient to recover
from this ailment, it is necessary that his bowels should move clearly
and regularly. This medicine is very useful for this purpose. For the
patient having clear motions, this medicine should be given in a dose of
2 tablets and for constipated patients the dose should be 4 tablets. If
the constipation is not relived even by taking 4 tablets, the dose can
be further increased to 6 tablets.

At night some medicine should be given to the patient which will act as
a purgative . Triphala powder is the best medicine for this condition.
One teaspoonful triphala should be given to the patient, mixed with a
cup of warm milk an done spoon of sugar. If the motions become regular
by the intake of simhanada guggulu, yhen triphala powder should be given
only twice a week; otherwise it can be given every day.

Hot fomentation on the vertebrae of the neck is very useful for this
condition. In a big handkerchief about 500gm. Of salt should be applied
over a frying pan till it becomes tolerably hot. Then this should be
applied over the neck. Care should be taken to see that it not too hot. In
that case, it may cause burns. Sometimes patients suffering from
cervical spondylosis develop some anaesthetic patches in the back,
neck,shoulder and arms because of the pressure from nervous system. The patient
is, therefore , not able to feel the quantum of heat applied during
fomentation. It should, therefore, be the responsibility of the attendant
to examine the heat of the bolus before applying it on the affected
parts. This fomentation should be continued for about half an hour every
day. After fomentation, the affected part should not be exposed to cold
wind. In the winter season, therefore, immediately after fomentation,
the affected part should be covered with some woolen garment.

Diet: sour things particularly curd, are strictly prohibited. Fried
things, pulses and various preparations of pulses are also contra
indicated in this condition. Bitter vegetables like bitter variety of
drumstick, neem flowers and bitter gourd are very useful. Wheat is better than
rice for the patient. He should, however avoid taking refined which is
known as maida(flour) and suji (semolina). To some extant they are
constipative and do not help the patient in the recovery.

Other regimens:
Exposure to the cold, cold bath and any violent
exercise of the neck muscles, including pressure, are very bad for the

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