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Blood is pumped by the heart to all parts of the body through the
arteries, its branches and numerous capillaries. When the heart contract,
blood is forced into the arteries and thus, exerts a positive pressure on
the walls of channels. When the heart dilates, the pressure in the
arteries is reduced and a negative pressure is created. The walls of
arteries are elastic to accommodate both negative and positive pressures.

Sarpagandha is commonly used in the treatment of high blood pressure by
Ayurvedic physicians. The drug is also used very widely in the
allopathic system of medicine. The powder of the drug is given to an adult
patient in a dose of half teaspoonful three times a day.


The patient should not be given hot and spicy food and should avoid
salt as far as possible. Hydrogenated oils should be strictly avoided. The
patient should take such vegetables as could help him in keeping his
bowels clear. Bitter gourd, drumsticks, patola and bimbi are the most
useful vegetables.
The patient should avoid colocasia and yellow variety pumpkin. He can
take all types of dry fruits. Fruits and boiled vegetables are better
than cereals and pulses for these patients.

Other regimens :
The patient should not be permitted to remain awake for a long time at
night, and he should be given as much rest as possible. Mental strain
in any form should be avoided. He can undertake physical exercise to
some extent, but heavy physical exercise specially lifting of heavy
weights, etc., should be avoided. He should be regular in his habits of
taking food and evacuating bowels. He should devote some time for prayer
which gives mental peace and tranquility.

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