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Tomatoes and its health Benfits

Tomato (tamatar) is the red and edible fruit of a plant, known as Solanum lycopersicum. However, its counted as both a fruit and a vegetable. People enjoy tomatoes in the form of salad or like a veggie. South America is known to be the Origin of the juicy, delicious Tomatoes and then its use spread throughout the world. Interestingly, tomato is famous with the tag of “Golden Apple”.

This food is highly rich in vitamin C , E, B1, B6 and A, antioxidants, potassium, folate, dietary fiber, magnesium, niacin, iron, phosphorus and copper.

Health Benefits

Antioxidants- A tomato contains a good amount of vitamin A and C which works as fine antioxidants. They neutralize the harmful free radicals that are moving in the blood stream. These radicals can cause cell damage. However, when you cook tomatoes then their antioxidants shrink a lot. So, it would be better if you go for them in their raw form by making their salad. But if your body has the tendency of forming stones in gall bladder, kidneys or elsewhere, then do avoid tomatoes in their raw form as this might encourage the problem.

Diabetes- A good amount of chromium is found in this veggie. It helps to control the high blood sugar level.

Smoking- Tomatoes give a high hand in reducing the damage done by smoking cigarette. This healing gets possible due to the presence of two acids named as chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid. They help to shoot-off the carcinogens that are brought by cigarette smoke inside your body.

Vision- Due to a good level of vitamin A in this veggie, it helps to maintain a healthy vision and treat night blindness.

Heart problems- It contains vitamin B and potassium which helps in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. So, its use prevents the problems of stroke, heart attack and many other life-threatening heart problems.

Skin health- Rub the peel of tomato against your skin. It makes your skin look more shiny and clear.

Hair- A nutrient, vitamin A, in tomatoes help to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Cancer- As this fruit-cum-veggie holds a good amount of lycopene, so it helps to treat cancer. This mainly includes prostate cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

Healthy bones- Tomatoes contain vitamin K and calcium that helps to form strong bones and treat minor injuries.

*Do notice the point that eating too many tomatoes can cause the problems of kidney stones and gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. So eat them only in moderation.

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